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Chamber of Blockchain and New Technologies is an initiative of entrepreneurs originated in Polish Biggest Bitcoin forum – On April 26, a similar initiative was announced by cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan. According to the Polish letter of law, the Chamber has statutory possibilities enabling it to represent the interests of the entire blockchain and new technologies industry in talks with government bodies. Areas of Chamber activity are conduction of didactic and popularizing activities in the field of blockchain technology and new technologies. It plans to support Chamber members in their activities, facilitating their acquisition of new contacts, searching for business and scientific partners. Tokeneo Limited became a member entity of the Chamber on october of 2018 and will work closely with other members to fullfill the Chamber’s goals.

Founded in 2015 Smart Trader is online trading blog offering it’s users various investment courses such as price action analysis, volume analysis and other useful techniques of technical analysis that help users reach profitability on the markets and learn the basic mechanics of trading. Since it’s inception it’s possition as valuable and reliable source of information has been secured and now Smart Trader is very well established within polish trading community resulting in large and devoted user base. Thanks to many years of personal experience on the markets exlusive content published regularly on the site offers unparallel understanding of finantial products and in-depth analysis of market as a whole. Stricltly educational mission of Smart Trader is aligned with Tokeneo goals of increasing the awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. is a cryptocurrency focused information service which publishes market and price analysis, and all key news concerning blockchain technology, current cryptocurrency and the most interesting articles from the realm of virtual tokens. Blog is intended as a source of information for everybody intrested in cryptocurrency markets, investors and technology enthusiasts. It was created as a part of Tokeneo to educate readers about infinite posibilities the future brings and incredible solutions offered by cryptocurrencies. As our official media department it will serve as reliable news channel publishing all informations from Tokeneo univesum such as new products, important meetings, seminars, new partnerships, features implemented and new services availabe.

Tokeneo Cash is the first of many products to be launched as satellite services of Tokeneo Exchange. Cash main aim is to allow people fast, reliable, easy and simple way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using fiat money without additional ID verification to makes the process as smooth as possible. It also allows first timers to set up their very first cryptocurrency wallet right on the site and seemlessly transfer tokens to newly created adress. This online exchange desk was launched in september 2018. The goal is to provide instant purchases using visa or mastercard paying cards. In the near future Tokeneo exchange itself will serve as the main liquidity source of the Cash service allowing everyone to access Tokeneo markets without mandatory registration known from other exchanges.

This is the first polish open cryptocurrency investment fund running on Ethereum blockchain. In was funded entirely thru public crowdsale by the community of investors gathered around Tomasz Rozmus - CEO of Tokeneo Exchange. With cumulated capitalization of over 2,6 milion PLN Cryptoinvestia wishes to bring cryptocurrency related financial products to the masses. It’s native token INV represents shares in overall valuation of the most promising digital assets that were carefully picked for fund’s portfolio. Following the directions set in it’s whitepaper Cryptoinvestia wants to capture the essence of cryptocurrency revolution in a form of a single coin - INV accessible to everyone. The ICO lasting six months concluded in the beginning of september 2018. Now everything is ready for next bull run.

One of the main focuses of Tokeneo and one of it’s key products will be tokenisation as a service. In comming years we expect it to be the biggest front of comming digital revolution. Brick and mortar businesses will be moving most important aspects of their activities to the world of blockchain seeking automatization and efficiency. In Tokeneo we want to be prepared for this new wave of blockchain adoption with production ready solutions. To proove this concept we have partnered with Paderevski Vodka, polish high class brand and will be working together in na fied of restructuring their business model and adopting blockchain solutions. We belive that both companies will benefit a lot from the partnership as our plan is to indroduce digital assets to as many companies as possible.

OAAM is one of the leading ICO marketing agency & ICO launching service provider that offers tons of marketing & ICO promotion services at the pocket-friendly price within reach of your fingertips. Their ICO marketing services include Social Media Marketing & PR, Bounty Programs, and Airdrops, Google AdWords (SEM), Email marketing, displaying ads and banners, community management, content writing and blog posting & so on. OAMM can provide you the all-in-one marketing solution at the cheapest ICO marketing cost and word class ICO marketing guide. Tokeneo focuses not only on providing reliable trading solution but also on promoting tokenization as a means of restructuring businesses using our exchange. Together with OAAM we will provide desirable mix of marketing, promotion, market making and liquidity services for every company.

Comparic pl. is a portal written by traders for the traders. In it’s everyday work it focuses on delivering breaking news from the markets, valuable analysis, and practical investment strategies tested in real world. is nowadays one of the leading internet portal agregating informations about Forex markets. Apart from that it manages many departments associating supporters of polish stock exchange, foreign markets, traders of the most popular assets, binary options and off course cryptocurrencies. Keeping the readers’ best intrests in mind Comparic continuesly widens it’s offer and makes it even more attractive to it’s grownig community. Tokeneo aims to closely collaborate with this media outlet in regard of marketing and promotion of all our products in a process of delivering them to the market.