Stablecoin - what is it and how does it work?

Stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency or token designed to maintain a stable rate (as the name suggests - stable) against a given asset - usually a fiduciary currency. They are usually used on crypto exchanges (centralised and decentralised), markets or payment processors in order to maintain relatively the same value during the exchange and not to lose when crypto rates fluctuate.
smart contracts

Smart Contracts - what they are?

Smart contracts are another step in the development of blockchain technology. It consists in moving from a traditional financial transaction protocol to a universal tool that will fully automatically implement the terms of the contracts. This minimizes the risk of error or manipulation. Contracts provided in this way ensure simplicity, speed of execution and real-time data update. In this aspect, standard methods have no chance of smart contracts. Moreover, their use excludes the need for intermediaries and various types of central institutions through which the contract must pass. But what exactly are smart contracts? You will learn this from this article!

Bitcoin. 5 tips for newcomers from Chris Dunn

Are you taking your first steps in the crypto market? Chris Dunn, a popular trader and one of the first creators of YouTube crypto channels, has some tips for you.
bitcoin fork btc

What is cryptocurrency fork? - all what you need to know

The software needs to be updated, improved or adapted to new rules. Fork is just that in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
defi decentralized finance

DeFi - Decentralised Finance in a nutshell

In this article we will learn you what is DeFi (Dentralized Finance), how it works, what are advantages of them and much more.
paper wallet btc bitcoin

How to Create Bitcoin Paper Wallet - Step by Step Tutorial

Are you interested in Bitcoin Paper Wallet? Do you want to know how to generate a paper wallet for Bitcoin? In this article we will explain everything step by step. You will learn what to remember and pay attention to, when creating paper wallet. Here are some tips!
dao schema

DAO - what is it and how does it work?

Grzegorz Krztoń
Are you wondering what lies behind the concept of DAO? What is this decentralized autonomous organization and what benefits can it bring to investors? You've come to the right place! In this letter you will find simple answers to complicated questions!
btc whales

Bitcoin whales - who they are?

Grzegorz Krztoń
Bitcoin whales - the biggest traders on Bitcoin market have significant influence on price moves. Although we do not know their names and whales identity can be only speculated. The role they play in cryptocurrency ecosystem is huge and very influential.
7 facts about btc

Bitcoin: TOP 7 surprising facts you didn’t know about!

Grzegorz Krztoń
Were you looking for some of interesting facts about Bitcoin? You came to the right place! We gathered some of the most surprising facts about cryptocurrency queen, that you had no idea about! 
cryptocurrency airdrops for free coins

Cryptocurrency airdrop - what is it? Can you get free cryptocurrencies?

Grzegorz Krztoń
Cryptocurrency airdrop - have you heard about it? Are you wondering, if there are free cryptocurrencies existing, and where to collect them? You have come to right place! We will go through cryptocurrency airdrops topic and explain what are them, and how do they work.
5 signs you are investing in bad ico

5 signs you are investing in a bad ICO

Grzegorz Krztoń
During the last few years, the ICO market has grown significantly. ICO projects are in many investors interest. How to distinguish a good ICO project from a bad one and not fall into trap and get scammed?
what is bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining - what is it?

Grzegorz Krztoń
Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be obtained in few different ways. Except buying them on markets, they can be mined. What is Bitcoin mining and how does that process runs? In this article you will find out everything about Bitcoin mining process and its profitability. 
tokenization process

What is tokenization? Everything you should know about tokenization process

Grzegorz Krztoń
Are you wondering what tokenization is? You have heard about that, but still does not how does tokenization work? What tokens are? We gathered all informations, just to let you know everything about that process. Let’s get started!
bitcoin miners

Bitcoin mining hardware - what is a bitcoin miner?

Grzegorz Krztoń
Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular all over the world. By making money on them you can make your life a little easier. In order to do that, though, you have to obtain them first.
bitcoin guide

Bitcoin - how to start? A Beginners Guide.

Marzena Karpiak
How to start dealing with Bitcoin? - More and more often novices ask this question. In this guide, we have gathered basic information about Bitcoin and about ways in which it can make you rich.

Chainlink (LINK) - One of the Most Promising Altcoins

Marzena Karpiak
Chainlink (LINK), even though almost unknown in Poland, is currently one of the most popular altcoins in the world. Only last year it recorded an increase of over 500%, which is more than the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), and more than almost all leading altcoins. Moreover, as one of few projects in the cryptocurrency industry, it is becoming more and more increasingly applied.

How to Start Mining Bitcoins?

Zespół Tokeneo
There are three main categories of hardware used to mine Bitcoins, and each of them varies when it comes to power and price. This guide will further explain how to create and launch a Bitcoin mine.
General Motors widzi potencjał w blockchain

What is a Distributed Ledger System?

Joanna Kiełb
Ledgers are the foundation of accounting. They were based on wooden, clay, and stone tablets and were used commonly, but then computers got invented in the 1980s and 1990s, and paper records were digitized, often by entering data manually.
BTC Has Been Worth Investing In For Nearly 99% Of Its History!

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Zespół Tokeneo
When you hear 'bitcoin mining' you imagine that coins are being mined from the ground. Bitcoins have no physical form, so why do we say that we 'mine' them?

Bitcoin Cash – what is it?

Agata Hofman
Bitcoin Cash has become quite popular, ever since it was created. It's a new substitute for a traditional Bitcoin, with a better transaction processing system and much cheaper.
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