General Motors widzi potencjał w blockchain

What is a Distributed Ledger System?

Joanna Kiełb
What are Ledgers made for?These early digital ledgers imitated cataloguing and accounting from when paper was used by default, and it can be said that digitization...
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What is Bitcoin Mining?

Zespół Tokeneo
It's because, in a way, it's similar to gold digging - bitcoins exist in the protocol's design just as the gold exists underground, but they haven't...

Bitcoin Cash – what is it?

Agata Hofman
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency. In mid-2017, a group of developers wanting to increase Bitcoin's block size limit prepared a code change. The change, called...
A New Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware

What is a cryptocurrency mining pool?

Agata Hofman
What is cryptocurrency mining pool?Combining system resources allows the miners to generate a much higher hash rate than they could achieve mining solo. The higher hash...
Bitcoin: Czy nowa polityka Chin zakaże wydobywania BTC?

Differences Between a Blockchain and a Database

Zespół Tokeneo
As we’ve written in “What is Blockchain Technology?” the main difference between a blockchain and a traditional database is the way in which these technologies are...