Treasury to develop a crypto-investment financial training program

Divya Khurana
According to Treasury officials, more knowledge and insight about crypto asset investing "would be helpful."

Dogecoin donations will be accepted in wartime by Ukraine. Could it spark a rally?

Haider Malvi
Since Dogecoin was added, the list of cryptos that support donations has now reached a half-dozen. The dog-themed meme coin joins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Solana, and Polkadot

Russia-Ukraine war keeps Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX) offline

Haider Malvi
Russians may suffer a significant loss of purchasing power if the exchange closes and the ruble plunges

Over $7M in crypto donations come to Ukraine after airdrop announcement

Haider Malvi
On 3 March, Ukraine announced an airdrop of cryptocurrency as part of its fundraising efforts to defend itself against the Russian invasion.

Metaverse data ownership is not acceptable to the majority of US consumers

Haider Malvi
The majority of respondents (87%) stated that if the pay is high, they would switch to full-time gaming in the metaverse.

El Salvador develops Bitcoin learning institute to enhance adoption

Divya Khurana
Though Bitcoin became legal tender last year, 90% of El Salvadorans said their awareness about crypto was inadequate or missing.

LeBron James and collaborate for blockchain education

Divya Khurana
LeBron James' education project intends to support 1,600 students in his homeland. However, it appears that not every user is delighted with the initiative.

Multistakeholder Digital Yen inside Japan's Company

Haider Malvi
With 50 or so employees, Tokyo-based DeCurret is working on the design of the digital yen and coordinating the Digital Currency Forum (DCF). Run through for detail overview.

Browser plugins block Twitter NFT profile images

Haider Malvi
McClure developed a browser plugin that automates the blocking of Twitter accounts based on NFT profile pictures.

Tokens on NFT marketplace undervalued, exploiter earns $750,000

Haider Malvi
The bug in the NFT marketplace was reported to have been discovered on Dec. 31 where transferred NFTs were listed on OpenSea.

The Russian central bank calls for a ban on crypto

Haider Malvi
According to the Russian central bank, crypto trading, mining, and usage should be illegal however, Owning crypto would be allowed.

China's Fuzhou will adopt CasperLabs blockchain technology

Haider Malvi
With CasperLabs, China's Blockchain-based Service Network will be able to receive open-permission blockchain services

NFT profile pictures are now available on Twitter Blue for iOS

Haider Malvi
Twitter announced on Thursday that its hexagonal avatars will be accessible to iOS users, who subscribe to Twitter Blue for $2.99 per month...What is so interesting let us find out  

Bitcoin payments decline as other cryptocurrencies grow

Haider Malvi
From 92% in 2020, Bitcoin's use by merchants using BitPay dropped to about 65% in 2021.

Web 3 is a long battle worth it

Snigdha Maria
Web 3 projects have viable ambitions and there will be public benefits and business outcomes when they are successful, let's understand the perfect Web 3.0 scenario...

Indonesian boy sells NFT selfies on OpenSea for $1M

Haider Malvi
A college student in Indonesia became a millionaire by offering nonfungible tokens (NFT) based on selfies on the OpenSea marketplace.

Is Walmart preparing to enter the metauniverse?

Snigdha Maria
Walmart Inc. is preparing to enter the Metaverse with a patent filing to create its own collection of cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Canadian users are advised to close their accounts before March 1 by Bitfinex

Haider Malvi
Bitfinex announced on Friday that it is closing the accounts of Ontario-based customers with no balances, Let's understand the reason

Coinbase announces a four-week break to recharge workers in 2022, with 'nearly the entire operation shutting down

Haider Malvi
Coinbase, a major crypto exchange in the United States, is giving its employees one week off each quarter in 2022 to recharge after "long days and long weeks" of intensive work.

NFT photography platform powered by Polygon to launch by Associated Press

Haider Malvi
A first drop of the NFT will feature award-winning images from AP photojournalists on subjects such as space, climate, and war.

Smart contract-based mobility services to be offered by Ava Labs and Togg

Haider Malvi
The Turkish manufacturer of electronic vehicles (EVs) Togg has joined forces with Ava Labs to develop smart contract-based services aimed at improving autonomous mobility.

Holding company for NFT raises $50M in Series A funding

Haider Malvi
NFTs played a major role in crypto and blockchain's mainstream success in 2021.

Samsung Smart TV will use NFT platform

Haider Malvi
The Samsung smart TVs of the future will have a built-in platform for browsing, buying, and selling NFTs.

Bitcoin holdings spiked in 2021?

Haider Malvi
Bitcoin volume held by private corporations increased markedly in 2021, building on the increases from the previous year.

Metaverse is included in Shanghai's development plan

Haider Malvi
Metaverse technology will be used in public services, businesses, entertainment, and manufacturing in Shanghai's five year plan.

Terra’s mirror protocol took steps to protect against governance attacks.

Haider Malvi
Terra, a public blockchain network, confirmed a scam attack on Mirror, a synthetic asset protocol it is using, by means of an official governance poll. 

Fidelity customers are most interested in trading Argo Blockchain

Haider Malvi
A report released on Thursday said Argo Blockchain ranked third among the top five stocks most actively traded by Fidelity’s customers in 2021

Several Chinese companies are engaged in a Metaverse trademark race

Haider Malvi
More than a thousand Chinese companies have applied for thousands of metaverse-related trademarks inspite of strict warning from People’s Bank of China (PBOC).

Adidas Earns $23 Million from its first Ethereum NFT Drop

Haider Malvi
Sportwear giant Adidas made $23.4 million off its “Into the Metaverse” NFT launch on Saturday.

On Kickstarter, a Bitcoin book for American policymakers receives 5x funding

Divya Khurana
Jimmy Song and a group of seven writers plan that this book will minimise policymakers' dependence on traditional media's description of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
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