Justin Sun's priority is launching TRX on Coinbase and Binance

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Sun Network version 1.0 has launched. Right now, Justin Sun's priority is getting TRX to the biggest exchanges in the USA.

On August 9th, Justin Sun has answered a tweet posted by a fan of the TRON project. He agreed that TRX should be available on more American exchanges. Sun also promised to make it happen. Binance's information about 30 projects, which will be registered on the new American version of the exchange, has made a TRON society anxious. Binance started a partnership with BAM Trading Sevices and decided to create an American branch. TRX is not listed within those 30 projects. TRON's CEO, Justin Sun, has also emphasised, that launching this cryptocurrency on the main exchanges, like Binance or Coinbase, is now his priority. TRX is currently listed on two American cryptocurrency exchanges: eToro and Bittrex.

Project's development

On August 11th, TRON has launched a V1.0 code for Sun Network. This solution is supposed to give users an unlimited scaling capacity to the main net and TRON. Additionally, it will have a positive influence on the decentralized applications (DApps) development, as well as on the whole project's ecosystem. In the official statement, TRON company emphasises two main features on the Sun Network. First of all, it operates smart contracts, concentrating on the TPS (a transaction's speed processing system) improvement. Another important feature is that sidechain can support parameters tailored to various groups of programmers, such as transaction confirmation speed or their rates.