Justin Sun Invited Donald Trump to Lunch With Warren Buffett

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Justin Sun ogłasza termin Hard

Justin Sun (TRON's CEO) has invited the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to lunch with Warren Buffett.

On July 11 this year, a tweet appeared on Trump's profile, in which he reveals that he does not support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. President of the US also adds that the value of cryptocurrencies is "highly volatile and based on thin air." He also mentioned that cryptocurrency assets in the wrong hands can be used as tools to commit crimes.

TRON's CEO wants to convince Trump to cryptocurrencies?

Sun reacted very quickly to the published tweet. He decided to invite the president of the US to lunch with Warren Buffett, which will be held soon (July 25 this year) in San Francisco. He stated that it would be a great opportunity for Trump to expand his knowledge about Bitcoin and other altcoins. TRON's CEO said that the president of the US was misled by a number of incorrect pieces of information. Sun advocates that blockchain and its implementation, which are cryptocurrencies, can be a source of many new possibilities. Will Trump accept the invitation?