JP Morgan is looking for blockchain experts

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JP Morgan Chase's approach to Bitcoin is changing. At the moment, the company admits to looking for experts, to continue their blockchain development.

Changing views

For JP Morgan Chase, the issue of cryptocurrencies has been changing for quite some time. The bank's CEO, Jamie Dimon, once said that Bitcoin is a "scam" that will be easily destroyed by the world's largest powers. Only two years later, he introduced his company into the world of cryptocurrencies.
JP Morgan, like other great players, has no choice but to follow this path. If it doesn't, someone else will do it.
This is how Ed Yardeni, former chief economist at Deutsche Bank, explained this situation. JP Morgan has launched its own cryptocurrency - JPM Coin. Jamie Dimon, despite his critical statements about cryptocurrencies, stopped criticising digital currencies and even developed the company in this direction.

Recruitment continues

Currently, the bank is looking for people for the position of Blockchain Director. Experience in working with solutions such as Lightning Network is one of the requirements. However, the company spokesman denies, that recruitment for this position would have any connection with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
It's completely inappropriate to think that we are developing or considering any new project related to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. I hope that I express myself clearly - we do not have such plans.