Is Jörg Molt the Creator Of Bitcoin? Not a Chance!

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Bitcoin was created 11 years ago. Even though there is not a single person that has discovered the true identity of the character hiding under the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto yet, a great number of people have tried hard to impersonate him, calling themselves the creators of BTC.


Another fake Satoshi

Some time ago a new daredevil appeared on the horizon. This time, the person trying to convince people about being Satoshi Nakamoto was a German speaker and consultant in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Jörg Molt. It all started last week, when he appeared at the SIMS conference of one of the top-rated universities in India. He was presented as the creator of Bitcoin there, which generated a lot of buzz on the internet. 

Many Twitter users have called him a liar and a scamer. Molt confessed as well that he had 250 BTC, not impressing anyone, though, as the majority of people thought that it was not true.

What did fake Satoshi want to achieve by stealing the identity of the creator of Bitcoin? It is hard to tell, but Molt probably did not realize the related consequences. His name certainly is not perceived as a good one.


Andreas Antonopoulos criticizes Molta

One of the most popular Bitcoin promoters also voiced his opinion on this matter. Andreas Antonopoulos denied Molt's rumors about being his friend by writing in a Twitter post that it was a lie. He also stressed that Molt is trying to use his reputation to strengthen his deception, and he is not going to tolerate such behavior.

The cryptocurrency community quickly made fun of another fake Bitcoin creator, not believing a single word of what he has said. This situation was also commented on by a crypto YouTuber, Kenneth Bossak, who recorde a video in which, while showing him behind his back, he says that Jörg Molt is a cheater. Initially, it seems that fake Satoshi does not pay attention to these accusations at all, but at the end of the recording we can see that his nerves are beginning to stir almost leading to a fight between him and the YouTuber. About 197,000 people watched this report.