How does Ethereum mining work?

Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market, right after Bitcoin. It's not really surprising. In the industry of virtual coins, Ethereum is considered a technologically advanced cryptocurrency, distinguished by a stable price and good market capitalization. Ethereum is very popular among both beginner and experienced investors. Some, apart from selling or buying Ethereum, are mining this coin. What is Ethereum mining? Do you want to mine Ethereum but you do not know where to start? You've come to the right place! On our Tokeneo News website, you will find all the information needed to mine Ethereum.   Before you decide to mine Ethereum, let's explain what mining really is. Extracting virtual coins is nothing but solving complex mathematical problems. Cryptocurrency miners are people who devote their time, energy and often money to solve these problems. They provide solutions, verified by Ethereum's transaction blocks and are later rewarded by getting Ethereum (or Ether) coins. We are currently at a peak moment when it comes to Ether's popularity and demand.   Some wonder if mining Ethereum is still profitable. Well, the more miners join the Ethereum network, the harder it is to solve the mathematical problem. This leads to increased difficulty in the extraction of Ethereum. For this reason, Ethereum mining is a relatively expensive job. Profits are mediocre or low, and the equipment is still expensive. However, Ether's price is growing so mining this cryptocurrency may prove extremely profitable in the future.   How to start mining? Amazon Web Servers [AWS] has introduced its blockchain template for Ethereum and Hyperledger. These templates allow users to quickly and easily launch a secure Blockchain network. This is possible thanks to open source frameworks. In addition, the templates are equipped with a set of nodes that implement the RPC protocol. AWS also supports EthExplorer and EthStats as well as Ethereum mining. Thanks to the AWS system, Ethereum mining is much simpler and faster.   According to some analysts, Ethereum, due to the very high level of difficulty, is unprofitable in mining at short and medium periods. The start time of an instance of g2.8xlarge can cost as much as the daily revenue from mining ETH. However, it can be different in the case of long-term mining. Considering the planned modernization of the network, which may affect the price of the coin, Ethereum mining can become a profitable occupation.