Hollywood Film Producer Gets $100 million for a Media Financing Token!

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As a press release from the 23rd of May informs, a Hollywood film producer, Ryan Kavanaugh, has acquired investors who have allocated a total of as much as $ 100 million to a token that allows financing media content.

Proxicoin was based on Ethereum blocks and is aimed at a wide audience. It enables the acquisition of a fractional ownership of the film and other IP-based content. The advantage of this token is that it allows everyone to participate in the Hollywood industry, which until now was available only to the elite institutions.
Blockchain technology allows you to create new business models that unlock value in traditional industry branches such as film financing. A global audience can now participate in symbolic offers thanks to a new asset class.
- Aman Johar, Proxicoin consultant and advisor. Central Wealth Investment Fund from Hong Kong and Step Ventures are the investors who invested as much as 100 million dollars to develop the token.

Briefly about Proxima Media

Proxima Media Studio was founded by Ryan Kavanaugh. It is worth knowing that in his lifetime he was responsible for the production of over 200 films and blockbusters such as: Fast and the Furious, Immortals and Mamma Mia! Some time ago, Proxima concluded a contract with the Asian cryptocurrency exchange - Fusang, which deals with security tokens trade. According to the information provided, Proxicoin is to be placed on this platform.

A lot of benefits

Interestingly, Proxicoin owners will also be partial owners of the Entertainment Stock X (ESX) platform.  Its activity is focused closely on the financing of entertainment projects. Proxima has been working on this project for over two years now, and says that it will be launched by the end of 2019. According to the announcement, ESX will use the ever-growing demand for content, while satisfying the need for new, efficient sources of financing for filmmakers.

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