He Said the Word "crypo" 100 Thousand Times To Help the Homeless!

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Peter Wood, the CEO of the CoinBurp cryptocurrency platform has faced a rather unique challenge:  he had to say the word "crypto" as many as 100,000 times... during a live broadcast in addition. What was his reason?

Charity campaign for the homeless

Even though a great number of people could have thought that Wood was crazy, the truth is that he had strong motivation to take on this challenge. The main mission of this action was to collect funds for a Centrepoint, a charity dedicated to homeless youth.

The broadcast was streamed live via a YouTube channel and two public addresses, one for Bitcoin ( BTC) and one for Ethereum ( ETH) donations, were displayed on the screen. All collected money will be transferred to a British foundation that fights homelessness among young people.

And it is just the beginning as the CoinBurp cryptocurrency platform has an intention to sustain the cooperation with Centrepoint through the rest of December. Collected cryptocurrencies are supposed to support the charges during the holiday season. The challenge taken by Wood recently was, therefore, the first of a series of events that are going to be organized in the near future.

Wood was repeatedly saying the word "crypto" for 12 hours

Saying aloud the word "crypto" 100,000 times is not as easy task as it may seem, considering the fact that Wood needed 12 hours to do it. It was noticeable how tired he was because he tried to speak very fast. Despite such an enormous effort, only a small number of cryptocurrencies has entered the given public addresses.

CoinBurp, however, does not give up. Even with the results being so bad... The company is going to make another three attempts to involve the community in helping young people who are deprived of a warm corner.

According to the statement issued on the official CoinBurp website, the cooperation with Centrepoint is supposed to bring more benefits than to just persuade people to donate for legitimate purposes. It is also an encouragement for other charities to accept donations through cryptocurrencies.

Centrepont - an organization that gives hope

The organization was created to help young people between 16 and 25 years old. It offers accommodation and support for not only single parents but also for all other people who are in a difficult situation and who need help.

Prince William is one of the main patrons of the organization since 2005.