Hackers Steal Bitcoins on Youtube

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Hackers Steal Bitcoins on Youtube

Cryptocurrency frauds are increasing all the time, and now hackers have found another way to steal Bitcoins - a virus appearing on Youtube.

How does it work?

The tool which is supposed to allow illegal Bitcoin purchases on Youtube is a virus called Qulab. It is designed to steal information and promote false cryptocurrency generators in the video's ads. The hackers have organized the entire campaign in which they created a bot to deceive Youtube users to click on advertisements designed only to steal cryptocurrencies. It promises free coins, which is tempting enough for a newbie in the cryptocurrency world. These 'ads' can also steal the most sensitive and private information about the user. In the first place, Qulab takes a look at the user's browsing history, cookies, and login data for various websites and platforms such as, for example, Steam. Youtube users who have already fallen victim to a hacker attack were advised to change the password to their account immediately. Moreover, because the Bitcoin's price has shown an upward trend in recent weeks, all cryptocurrency activities should be under special observation.

Many ways to fraud

Recent research on enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom shows that there are more and more cryptocurrency scams. Most frequently they involve luring people who had little or no experience when it comes to cryptocurrencies. It is easy to convince them that it is a quick way to earn profits, especially if an interview with famous celebrity supporting cryptocurrencies is mentioned. Many British people still do not know what cryptocurrencies are and how they work. Agencies investigating crimes warn people constantly about seemingly easy investments which resulted in considerable loses.