Gram Tokens Appear on Liquid Exchange

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pulpit smartfona

The Liquid cryptocurrency exchange will probably be the first one to introduce Gram tokens created by Telegram.

New Gram tokens are entering the market

Although Telegram did not provide an official statement on the subject, it drew international attention last year after holding an ICO (Initial Coin Offeringfor Gram tokens, during which $1.7 billion was collected for the Telegram Open Network (TON). A message from the unofficial TON channel on Telegram states that Liquid may try to profit from the commotion concerning the token, so any potential investors are advised to wait for the official information on Telegram. It turned out, however, that the largest Gram holder, Gram Asia, will offer an undisclosed number of tokens now, before the official launch in October. According to Mike Kayamori, the CEO of the Liquid exchange, the company shares a vision of a more secure and open transfer system in order to enable the widespread implementation of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the TON blockchain infrastructure can help to improve the current Telegram's capability as a peer-to-peer network. Cryptocurrency wallets for devoted Telegram users are to be introduced as well.

Who will be able to use new tokens?

The requirements for participation in the first public sale are quite strict. Citizens of many countries have been excluded for regulatory reasons. For now tokens they can be bought in USD and USDC (USD Coin), however, buyers are strictly prohibited to sell or trade tokens until their official launch in October.