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Good news: The emergence of NFT collections with a focus on the environment

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The HapeBeast three-dimensional irreplaceable token (NFT) project caught the attention of leading social media after releasing a very professional teaser video for their upcoming project for monkey profile pictures.


HapeBeast makes headlines

The HapeBeast three-dimensional irreplaceable token (NFT) project caught the attention of leading social media after releasing a very professional teaser video for their upcoming project for monkey profile pictures. Launched by Digimental Studio London founder Digimental, the project includes 8,000 unique aesthetic images of digital monkey avatars. After several years of work, the studio has built a list of well-known clients including Chelsea FC, Nike, MTV and Jordan Air.

A number of well-known commentators and researchers on Youtube NFT, led by NFT Nate, have identified the project as a demonstration of the early features and social awareness needed to become the next blue-chip investment in space. The NFT release date is expected to be December 2021, with the mint price currently unknown. In addition, the official website is expected to launch on Friday.

Crystallized marine NFT

NFT's eco-focused collection, Organic Growth, Crystal Reef recently launched the joint project led by artists Michael Ju and Danil Krivoruchko to support environmental sustainability of the world's marine coral reefs.

First of its kind, each work of art is transformed and developed with each sale through algorithmic monitoring of the owner's identification and portfolio history and combining data with various coral patterns and shapes. Niche functions were introduced to reflect the evolution of marine reefs against the backdrop of changing and changing environments.

“Like the living architecture formed by the exoskeleton of coral polyps, past, present and future coexist, offering new perspectives on NFTs, values and creative processes. This evolutionary process ends two months after the start date or seven sales of the artwork, whichever comes first. This is where the rare features, visual structure, and form of the work become static.

In addition, the project outlines ambitions to create mosaic art that can be displayed in leading physical art galleries and real-world exhibition institutions. The project creator will provide 3% of all major sales funds to advance oceanographic research and conservation efforts at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego.

All 10,301 seed crystals sold for 0.1 ether (ETH) on October 15, for a total of $4 million. Since its inception, the 1.8K ETH project has been traded on OpenSea and currently has a minimum price of 0.138 ETH. The all-time sale was for artwork #9136 two days ago for 3 ETH.

Elephant Painting Kits for sale on NFT

The NFT artwork, titled The Tree of Life, will be the world's first artwork created by an elephant and cut this week by BitTrunks, the digital arm of Elephant Art Online, as an NFT asset.

Tunwa, a 15-year-old female elephant weighing 14,000 pounds, has been painting for ten years at Maetaeng Elephant Park & Clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Elephants have been an important symbol of iconography and cultural appreciation in this country for more than 800 years.

More details about the environment in which these animals live have been added to the project website: "Drawing an elephant is a beautiful collaboration between an elephant and its mahaut (the guardian of elephant life). It shows the amazing relationship between them, but even then, it takes a lot of time and effort. We have more than 80 elephants in our park but only four of them who chooses to paint.

Earlier this month, podcast pioneer Joe Rogan expressed his astonishment at the images and speculated about the enormous potential of the world's largest land mammal. His debut work, The Tree of Life, painted by Tunwa, will be auctioned Thursday at 9:30 a.m. EST on the main OpenSea marketplace as an NFT asset. Successful bidders receive NFT assets, physical drawings, certificate of authenticity (QR code) and photo and video documentation of the manufacturing process to complete the work.

WWF Germany starts NFT series

Germany's World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will launch a new environmental initiative called NFAs: Indispensable Animals to protect the existence and habitat of ten of the world's most endangered species.

Environmental protection organizations have expressed interest in the use of crypto and blockchain technology in the past, but have also expressed relevant concerns about the high energy requirements for mining operations for assets such as Bitcoin. This artwork series will feature 10 animals in a variety of artistic themes, including but not limited to color sketching, pop art, PFP art, and digital rendering. The press release reveals a serious digital correlation between the supply of assets and the number of animals present:

“The number of works in question is limited to the exact number of living specimens of the species described. In this way, each NFA crypto work reflects a living but endangered animal that can be protected by purchasing it. For example, 1,063 NFT mountain gorillas will be available for coins as these represent the total population of the species. Likewise, only 22 NFTs depicting vaquita whales will be available for slaughter, as there are only 22 vaquitas left in the world.

WWF Germany has announced that the funds will be equitably distributed across a global network of 1,300 projects naturally geared towards maintaining and rejuvenating the biodiversity of our ecosystem. The sale begins November 2 and participants must create a Torus digital wallet. Stable Coin USD Coin (USDC) can be used to acquire assets in the price range from USDC 79 to USD 799.

More NFT news

Amid Facebook's plans to shift to meta-universe operations, other social media platforms are driving progress in the NFT space, with Twitter's Jack Dorsey currently at the forefront, revealing plans to integrate NFT into their platforms. Tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong recently released a test preview of the development platform for a new collection area where users can publicly show their profile picture (PFP) avatar.

Earlier this summer, CNN and The New York Times warned that the irreplaceable token (NFT) balloon fueled by the noise of exciting digital art reviews and interest from collectors could be exploding.

As the sixth employee at a social media startup called Wildfire, which was acquired by Google in 2012, I know skepticism and reluctance to adopt new and emerging technologies. Based on my experience in entertainment, licensing, and blockchain technology, I think that the bursting of the so-called NFT bubble could be a positive for the future of the industry. The industry is so nascent that we are only the first battery of the first inning.

The public's attention is always shifting from one trend to another, so naturally the unnatural surge in popularity of NFT that we see will eventually wane. This gives us in the industry an incredible opportunity to explore the many doors that NFT will open for content creators, IP owners and users.

For brands looking to grow and reach new audiences, NFT is a reliable marketing channel. As soon as NFT gains more recognition after its initial expansion, developers will be able to reach more users. Platforms like Telegram, Twitch, and Discord have demonstrated many ways to build and maintain a fan base. Imagine what a stable NFT market will add to this growing move.

As a digital certificate of authenticity, the NFT can act as a custodian of intellectual property rights. The NFT space will eventually look like a music publishing model, with music publishers and songwriters compiling copyright catalogs that will forever provide a steady flow of copyrights and encourage long-term evaluation. The creation of a management platform that allows IP owners to manage NFT transactions (taking into account business intelligence, analytics and CRM functions) is in sight.

NFT also serves as a digital passport, completely revolutionizing the fan experience and rethinking the fan club idea for artists, brands and IP owners. As the world fully opens up after the COVID-19 pandemic, fans will use their NFT portfolio to unlock behind-the-scenes offers, VIP experiences, and special get-togethers and greetings. Since digital assets, such as tangible goods, are based on the economics of supply and demand, scarcity will add value and increase the number of consumers and digital natives looking to step up to the first level. In addition, sewing-based NFT will stimulate both offline and online experiences.

The future of NFT is getting stronger as we in the industry continue to think of fans and consumers first. We need to shift media and consumer attention from six- and seven-figure mainstream sales to creating real value by incorporating real utility into NFTs. We need to focus on creating smart and strategic collections of NFTs (as opposed to one-off releases) that will increase in value over time as the usefulness of purchased NFTs becomes clearer to fans.

The industry is moving fast from what I see NFT 1.0 - NFT as a digital collectible - to NFT 2.0 - NFT as a storytelling tool. Projects like Stoner Cats are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using NFT as an access token to watch exclusive video content. What excites me even more is NFT as a storytelling tool, where NFT is driven by deep and community-level gamification strategies and becomes an important component of the cross-platform and transmedia storytelling experience.

In Wildfire we always know that high tide lifts all boats. We have gone to great lengths to support not only our business but the entire social media marketing category. I think the same about the burgeoning NFT industry. Most importantly, NFT companies must stay focused on enthusiasts and consumers so as not to become an industry drowning in misfire and myopia.

NFT becomes a permanent access card and access to unique experiences - both online and offline. This will happen as NFT collections become smarter, more strategic, more fun, and provide meaningful utility that maintains a long-term commitment to fans.

As the industry grows, people will become more sophisticated in the way they think about NFT and the highest value that NFT has to offer to enthusiasts and IP owners. Benefits are becoming increasingly important as enthusiasts and consumers alike try to better understand the "and what" factors behind NFT. So, what I have this NFT. . .what can he do for me? What are the benefits for my life? What value will I get from owning this NFT and how long will it last?

The industry will continue to make great strides as key innovators in the field shift our focus to community, game mechanics and storytelling to advance the true value and usefulness of the NFTs we offer in the marketplace.

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