GHOST - McAfee’s new cryptocurrency?

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Controversial programist John McAfee is surprising his observers once again. This time, he informed them about plans to issue his own private cryptocurrency called GHOST.

mcafee ghost cryptocurrency

GHOST - is that a ghost cryptocurrency?

On 11th April this year, John McAfee has mentioned on Tweeter, that hey are working on new cryptocurrency, where everyone will be able to become a so-called “ghost”. The coin will be based on consensus algorithm Proof of Stake (PoS) and aim for online transactions.

On the official project’s website, there is not much we can find. We are only informed, that the cryptocurrency itself will be decentralised. It also can be noticed, that coin will be having a very fast realization process. Assumptions show that they are to be processed in the blockchain in less than 60 seconds.

ghost cryptocurrency by mcafee

As it turns out, the GHOST coin can be obtained for free. The only thing must be met: to own ESH tokens. The amount of 25% of total supply was allocated for this distribution. Trading the new cryptocurrency will be able from 25 of May this year on decentralized cryptocurrency exchange McAfeeDEX. It is to be listed in pairs with BTC, BCH and ETH.

Another “crazy” ideas of John McAfee

Last year, an extravagant programmer has announced, that he was hired as an advisor in Chinese cryptocurrency project - Zombie Coin. He wrote then, that he received a solid salary for writing the coin’s whitepaper. It all turned out to be just a joke. Will it be the same that time? We do not know, but McAfee can be surely unpredictable.

john mcafee

During fall 2019, McAfee has launched one of the unusual projects - the WHACKD token promoted by the pimple. He was distributed to the community for free, but the way it was advertised was controversial for many crypto enthusiasts.

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