Generation Z is Not Interested in Cryptocurrencies

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Generation Z is Not Interested in Cryptocurrencies

According to the latest Business Insider survey, people belonging to Generation Z in the US are not planning to enter the cryptocurrency market.

What is Generation Z?

Generation Z is also called the Internet generation, and most often it defines people born in the 21st century. According to various studies, these may be people born after 1997 or even after 1990. They are the youngest generation who practically does not know the world without technology. They get most of their knowledge from the Internet, they actively use social media and are able to quickly search for information.

Business Insider's research

A survey conducted on people from Generation Z (aged from 13 to 21) asked about the likelihood of them buying cryptocurrencies within the next six months. As many as 52% of respondents answered that they are not interested in them at all, while about 26% considered the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies in the future. The results of these studies were published only now, but they were carried out as far as in January, so the people who were surveyed answered the questions before this year's increases in the cryptocurrency markets. Business Insider notes that only 26% of respondents were willing to buy at the time of the survey. The increased activity in the market may cause some people to change their minds. At the beginning of May, the American company Fidelity Investments conducted a survey which showed that about 22% of international investors have cryptocurrencies. A month later Kaspersky carried out a similar questionnaire - according to the company, 19% of the world population has ever acquired cryptocurrencies. Source: Kaspersky Lab