Floyd Token - a coin fighting against racism or another SCAM?

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George Floyd, who died at the hands of American policemen, has touched whole world. On the streets of many countries there are protests against the abuse of power by uniformed services. Some time ago someone also emitted a coin encouraging to fight injustice called Floyd Token (FLYD).

george floyd painting
  • FLYD is a token issued by anonymous people, although they claim that its purpose will be to support the Black Lives Matter movement, it is not known what their intentions really are
  • Currently, this project does not even have a white paper, but the creators announce that it will appear soon
  • According to Etherscan data, Floyd Token already has 358 addresses

Floyd Token - an amateur project?

Coin broadcast in honor of Georg Floyd was broadcast on the popular blockchain - Ethereum in the ERC-20 standard. His originators did not reveal their identity. The project calls for help to protesters and activists fighting racism and the abuse of power by the police. Anonymous creators also ensure that thanks to the coin they created, Floyd's name will live forever.

If you would like to take a look at Floyd Token's white paper - you don't have one yet. So let's think about whether this is not another trap of cheaters preying on such similar events. The project website also looks poor when it comes to information. It doesn't even have a privacy policy!

Perhaps the authors of this idea count on the fact that some will simply succumb to emotions. Of course, they ensure that the acquired funds will be transferred to the family of the late Floyd, as well as to the movement called Black Lives Matter - all this seems doubtful.

According to Etherscan, at the time of writing this article, there are 363 addresses that store the FLYD token. Its total supply is 612 million coins.

floyd token projectsource: georgefloyd.io

The tragic death of Georg Floyd

This man was murdered on May 25 this year. by an American policeman. While the torturer deliberately strangled his victim with his knee, two other officers were passively watching the whole situation, and one more was preventing observers from intervening.

Despite the obstacles, witnesses of the event managed to record the moment when a white policeman knees the black man's head to the ground, who in turn repeats that he cannot breathe and asks for help. A few minutes later he is dead.

Floyd's autopsies showed that the cause of his death was murder. The man died of cardiac arrest due to severe neck pressure. It should be added that he suffered from atherosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease. An autopsy showed that as a result of limited blood supply to the brain and breathing problems, he was simply strangled by a police officer.