How long has Bitcoin been around, when was it created?

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Bitcoin is currently the oldest cryptocurrency that started the era of digital currencies. Find out how long a leading cryptocurrency has existed.

How long does it take to mine Bitcoin?

Bitcoin mining is one of the most popular methods of obtaining this cryptocurrency. Find out if it is profitable and how long it takes to mine Bitcoin.

What is the best Bitcoin wallet?

The cryptocurrency wallet is a security for our cryptocurrencies, therefore it is important to take care of the correct choice in relation to the wallet. It is worth remembering that the choice will depend primarily on many factors such as the amount of our allocated funds, the degree of security or the possibility of the amount allocated for investments.

How to sell Bitcoin on Coinbase?

How to sell Bitcoin on Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world. Find out all about cryptocurrency exchange in this app

How does Bitcoin mining work?

The first associations about Bitcoin mining and mining, for people who do not have any experience with cryptocurrencies, probably appear in the form of an army of workers who work hard underground in order to dig the coveted ore ... As it turns out, in fact, the analogy to The terminology of mines works pretty well for "Bitcoin mining"!

Bitcoin Halving - what is it and what does it result from?

To better understand Bitcoin's Halving and how it affects the king of cryptocurrencies itself, you need to understand how the BTC network works. Find out everything about Bitcoin halving.
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Bitcoin blackmail - how to recognize it?

Unfortunately, Bitcoin, apart from new technology, much greater possibilities, and decentralized payment options, can also be associated with the criminal world. Thanks to his anonymity, the king of cryptocurrencies has also gained recognition in the criminal world
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Bitstamp - what is it and how does it work?

Find out everything about the Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange, how it works and what are its advantages.

Cryptocurrency books - what is worth reading?

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are a dynamically developing branch of the economy in many countries. Find out what cryptocurrency books are worth reading.
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Polish cryptocurrency - does it exist?

The adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is an increasingly common process. Is there a Polish cryptocurrency? Find out more about it!

How to fund a BTC wallet? How to send Bitcoin?

The funding of wallets depends primarily on its type. The article will focus on the possibilities offered by online platforms, but remember that there are hardware wallets that are not directly connected to the network and allow you to stay more secure.
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Where to buy ripple? Where to keep XRP?

The global cryptocurrency market, despite many adversities, is developing intensively. There is an increasing amount of currencies in circulation and their capitalization continues to expand. Speech incl. about the Ripple cryptocurrency created in 2012, which arouses great interest among both individual investors and financial institutions.
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How to mine Litecoin, what is it and how does it work?

Litecoin is the second cryptocurrency to come after Bitcoin. Its first block was excavated on October 11, 2011, and over the following years it has remained the world's second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization. It is currently in third place behind Ripple. What is worth knowing about this cryptocurrency?
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How to generate Bitcoin? The most popular ways

Bitcoin's possibilities are constantly evolving. People want to earn money with online currency and pay with it in different ways. However, before the transaction takes place, you need to top up your account to operate in the world of online money. So how do you top up your Bitcoin wallet and trade the currency? How do I top up my Bitcoin account?

Moon Cash - what is it and how does it work?

Moon Cash - a platform that allows you to acquire cryptocurrencies by performing specific tasks. Find out what task should be performed and how the platform itself works.

Brand Tokens - summary of information on the ICO

The Brand Tokens ICO has been completed. Although the collected amount is lower than expected, the authors of the project ensure that they will try to use it as efficiently as possible.
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Token - what is it? What types do we distinguish?

The word token is a very broad concept. We meet him practically every day. It occupies a very important place among cryptocurrencies, although it is often used as an alternative term, which is not entirely appropriate.
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What is cryptocurrency? How to store it?

Cryptocurrencies are bought on the Internet. It is worth knowing that this is virtual money, and therefore used to pay for various types of online transactions. For example, players and customers of virtual casinos use them very often.
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What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

Nowadays, the economy and investing have changed a lot. Currently, what matters is not only the efficient navigation of the traditional stock exchange, but also the ability to invest and obtain virtual money, i.e. the so-called cryptocurrencies. However, this is still a relatively new topic for many investors

Cryptocurrencies - what does it mean, how to start?

More and more people have heard anything about cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency. Where to buy cryptocurrencies? How to make money on them? Below are a handful of hints and tips.

Steemit - what is it and how to make money on it?

Steem is a unique platform based on blockchain technology. It uses the so-called a consensus algorithm known as Delegated Proof of Stake (DPS). A characteristic feature of this open source platform is paying active and appreciated users both for the content they produce and for interacting with users using the STEEM currency.
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TOR browser - how does it work, what is it for?

The Internet is a much "deeper" network than an ordinary user might think. Check what the TOR browser is, how it works and what it is for.

How much did Bitcoin once cost?

Find out how much the most popular cryptocurrency cost just after its creation.
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How to check if the computer is mining cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency mining is not always our intention. Read how to check if your computer is mining cryptocurrencies and how to prevent it.
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Who accepts Ethereum payments? Where and what to buy for Ethereum?

Cryptocurrencies are enjoying growing popularity around the world. Until recently, payments on a larger scale using cryptocurrencies were not possible, but currently, thanks to technological advances, every owner of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many other cryptocurrencies can freely use them for everyday payments.
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Ethereum and Bitcoin - how do they differ?

Ethereum and Bitcoin are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world that are increasingly accepted as an important means of payment. Nevertheless, despite many similarities, they are completely different cryptocurrencies. What is the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Cryptography - what is it and what is its use in cryptocurrencies?

Cryptography, which is the science that deals with encryption. This is a key process for the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Learn about this field of science and how cryptography is used in cryptocurrencies.
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Bitcoin and its legality. Where is Bitcoin legal?

I don't think there is a person who would not hear about cryptocurrencies. This virtual money is related to the development of modern technologies and the world of the Internet. They were introduced into circulation several years ago in order to use them to finalize various types of transactions concluded online. What is bitcoin legal in the world? It turns out that more and more countries are taking this virtual currency seriously.

Peer to peer in cryptocurrencies - how does it work?

The peer to peer network has its application in digital currencies such as cryptocurrencies. Learn all about p2p and its use in the context of cryptocurrencies.
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Who accepts Ripple? What can you buy for Ripple?

Find out who accepts Ripple (XRP) and what you can buy with it. You will learn everything in the article below.
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