Ethereum price reaches 130 USD level. The project development does not stop!

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Current Ethereum price is about 130 USD. Over the last 24 hours, ETH price has gained 0,65%. Despite not the best situation on cryptocurrency charts, Ethereum project keeps evolving.

ethereum reaches 130 USD price

ETH price chart current situation

ethereum price

Yesterday’s session on Ethereum was opened at 131 USD, and closed at nearly 125 USD. It was a decrease of 5,4 USD, so about 4,15%. Current Ethereum price is 130 USD.

What about Ethereum project?

Despite strong drops in Ethereum value caused by the panic that flooded the market due to CoronaVirus, Ethereum project still enjoys great interest from the community. As it turned out, Ethereum was placed on the first place of the most preferred altcoins in cryptocurrency community. The analysis was conducted by Kraken. The survey collected opinion from a group of 400 people. The results would not surprise anyone, if not the fact, that Monero (XMR) was placed on the second place, and Ripple ( XRP) on the third. In addition, most of cryptocurrency market enthusiasts expect for altcoin season to come later this year.

altcoin season in 2020

Not that long ago, the Ethereum project changes were introduced by Vitalik Buterin. In one of his Tweets, he summarized three previous years of project development. As it turns out, from 2017 we could observe development of both project and community extension.

Ethereum 2.0 audit is finished - two fields of potential vulnerability discovered

It is worth mentioning about initial Ethereum 2.0 audit, which is already finished. The report states, that specifications are very well thought and comprehensive. However, long-term stability of ETH 2.0 could not be assessed. The report contains lack of documentation related to peer-to-peer protocol and Ethereum node record system. Moreover, two potential security threats were discovered - both the block system and P2P messaging system have some technical issues to be solved. 

Ethereum 2.0 is expected to be released on July 2020, due to minor delays. The testing network was already launched in December 2019.

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