Ethereum price jumps 23% over last 24 hours

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After a drastic fall, Ethereum price has noted a great jump. Current ETH price is about 147 USD. During the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency price increased by more than 23%.

eth price rises

ETH price chart situation

Yesterday’s Ether session opened at 114,84 USD and closed on 136,59 USD. It was a 21,75 USD change, the coin’s price increased by 18,94%. Current Ether price is 147,52 USD. The coin itself noted a 23,64% increase. 

ethereum price chart

It is quite a big change, considering the fact, that Ether was recently moving around 100 USD. Of course, the cryptocurrency didn’t bounce back to its pre-fall value, which was more than 240 USD. Although, it is a good step forward.

the price of eth

It seems, that these moves were started by Bitcoin. All of the altcoins has noted an increase along with Bitcoin. Some of them even managed to overtake the cryptocurrency queen, when it comes to 24h-hour value gains.

Vitalik Buterin reveals Ethereum 2.0 development

It is worth adding, that the day before, co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has posted project vision from his point of view for next years. In his Tweet, he shared a Roadmap. As it turns out, even though large market fluctuations, Ethereum development is still in progress.

There are many people waiting for the projects evolution. Within in, many speculators appeared. As a result of project’s ecosystem improvements, they are counting on Ethereum price increases. No doubts, Ethere is a native cryptocurrency functioning along Ethereum project and blockchain. Any changes made in project may have a significant impact on it.

Number of users in Ethereum network increases

Despite the fact, that Ethereum price chart was lately in difficult situation, the project itself didn’t stop. There more and more Ethereum network users. One of the examples might be the usage of Ethereum blockchain in Multiverse program of Enjin. The project focuses on tokenization of gaming industry.

The developers, that take part in it, will receive rewards, free access to Enijn platform, and support from the project and social media promotion.

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