Ethereum price: ETH enters bear market

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Current Ethereum price is about 125 USD. Over last 24 hours, Ethereum price has decreased by 7,24%. It seems, that Ethereum might be entering bear market.

Ethereum price chart situation

ethereum price chart

Yesterday’s Ethereum session opened at 132,85 USD and closed near 132,32 USD. It was a 9,53 USD decrease. Cryptocurrency price fell by 7,17%. Currently, Ethereum price holds level of 125 USD.

ethereum week chart

Although Ethereum price has reached 150 USD level on Friday, on weekend it significantly fell. Ethereum price couldn’t resist that level. Moreover, Ethereum has followed Bitcoin, which has also noted a slight price decrease. Over the last 2 weeks, Ethereum price has fluctuated between 120 - 140 USD price level, but has not touched either of these lines.

What is happening on cryptocurrency market?

Even though, Bitcoin and most of altcoins has noted quite big gains in last week, weekend was not so optimistic for them. It was not only Ethereum which lost on its value during last 24 hours. Most CoinMarketCap’s top 20 has noted a drops from 4 to 12%.

top 20 crypto prices

The fear and greed index on cryptocurrency market constantly remains at a level of extreme fear. It seems, that cryptocurrency prices will not come out of trouble that fast.

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