Encrypto - a Swiss Bitcoin Watch

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A popular Swiss watchmaker, Franck Muller, has established a cooperation with an alternative investment firm - Regal Assets.  The joint activities aim to result in the first functional bitcoin watch, called Encrypto.

Luxury Encrypto

Franck Muller, a pioneer in the field of luxury watches , has established a cooperation with an alternative investment firm - Regal Assets. Encrypto was designed by Frank Muller while the dial has a QR code from the Genesis Block Satoshi address.
We always try to influence the customer on the emotional level and create a bond between the client and the clock. As a brand, we are the creator of trends with solid achievements and we are not shy when it comes to implementing innovations. Bitcoin is a milennial gold, a perfect combination of innovation and personal choice.
- said Erol Baliyan, regional director of Franck Muller.

Encrypto - a cold cryptocurrency wallet

The Encrypto watch is meant to be a cold wallet for storing bitcoins. It is worth mentioning, that a cold wallet is one of the safest solutions for a cryptocurrency store.  It is an offline wallet - not connected to the Internet - in the form of a hardware. In the case of Encrypto, each watch will be delivered as a two-piece set. Every set contains a unique public address engraved on the dial, as well as a sealed USB with a private key. Moreover, users can check their balance using the dial.
The price of Encrypto
The price for the Encrypto watch starts from $ 9,800. The most expensive, however, is on the market for $ 50,600. The latter price provides for a version incrusted with diamonds. The bitcoin watch is now available for purchase on the Internet and at the Franck Muller Dubai Mall. You can pay for it with a credit card, bank transfer and bitcoin. A maximum of 500 men's and women's versions will be sold.
Other bitcoin watches
Franck Muller is not the only watchmaker who decided to bet on a bitcoin watch. In 2018, Bitcoinist announced that the renowned company Hublot released a limited edition of the Big Bang watch.  An event with a goal to commemorate the tenth anniversary of bitcoin cryptocurrency. Big Bang was characterized by a fairly high price of $ 25,000. Unlike Encrypto, Hublot's Big Bang could be bought with Bitcoin only. Another example of a bitcoin watch is Cryptomatic.  It was the first mechanical watch of this type at a more affordable price of less than $ 1,000.