E-dinar Is a Fantasy. Who Is Responsible For That?

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The Tunisian Central Bank (BCT) has denied the information about the preparation to launch an "e-dinar". In a public statement, the bank has also emphasized that it has not contacted any domestic or foreign company in order to issue its own digital currency.

A wave of lies tamed

Let us remind you, that some time ago the Tass portal informed that, so as to transfer the national currency to blockchain, the Tunisian Central Bank has started a cooperation with a Russian agency called Universa. It is not true, however. Unluckily, the rumors spread quite fast among the industry media, forcing the Tunisian Central Bank to issue a press release to deny them.

The explanations show that the institution is actually researching various digital payment methods, including the fiat digital currency (CBDC), but has not gone as far as to implement it.

A simple marketing ploy

The Tunisian Central Bank has also highlighted that it did not cooperate with any company to create a digital currency, explaining how this misunderstanding could occur. Well, not so long ago this institution appeared at the Forex Club of Tunisia.

During the technological show, participants were offered a participation in a demonstration of the functionality of the digital currency. This, in turn, was initiated by one of the startups with which the Tunisian bank did not conclude any contract. Although the institution could have been really discussing CBDC, these discussions were later taken out of context and transformed into a marketing operation.

The press release also shows that the Tunisian Central Bank is about to implement a regulatory sandbox for technological innovations in the banking and financial sector, which is supposed to happen at the beginning of 2020.

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