DPRK Warns: We Will Not Tolerate Cybercrime Accusations!

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DPRK Warns: We Will Not Tolerate Cybercrime Accusations!

North Korea denies the allegations that it has committed hacker attacks to raise funds for weapons of mass destruction.

Let us remind you that a month ago the information that the country has stolen as much as $2 billion in order to spend it on the production of nuclear weapons has appeared. The report on cybercrimes came from the United Nations. Of course, this information was not shared by the UN directly. The first to inform about the issue was Reuters, claiming that it had access to confidential data. The publication showed that North Korea carried out many sophisticated hacker attacks on numerous financial institutions such as banks and cryptocurrency exchanges.  The report includes at least 35 hacker attacks allegedly committed by North Korea. It was also reported that these crimes were committed in approximately 17 countries. A US Department of State spokeswoman commented on the matter at the time, calling for other states to take appropriate steps to end North Korea's criminal activities.

The DPRK refutes the allegations

On Sunday (September 1), KCNA's (a North Korean agency) spokesman of DPRK for Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism published a statement denying allegations that the country took part in massive hacker attacks. It was emphasized that the data included in the UN report were falsified, while the United States and other "hostile forces" duplicate these rumours. The article states that the UN is playing the same trick that Hitler's fascist propagandists stuck to - duplicate the lie a hundred times and it will become true. After these rather harsh words, a warning was also issued that North Korea would not tolerate such acts.

The lack of specific arguments and the laconic nature of the text means that this statement does not seem reliable. Note, for example, the fact that they were published after a month and in such an inept form. Evident aggression took the centre stage.