Does WikiLeaks Sit on a Bitcoin Fortune?

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Does WikiLeaks Sit on a Bitcoin Fortune?

WikiLeaks has collected over 46 million dollars in BTC. Such a number was reported basing on the amount of coins possessed by the organization in the wallet.

WikiLeaks sits on the fortune

The user Boredguy32 revealed on the Bitcoin subreddition that the controversial organization could collect around 4 054 BTC. Based on the current price of cryptocurrencies, this number of coins would be worth around USD 46.2 million. According to Redditor, the organization changed its wallets in 2018. The analysis of both wallets, however, helps in understanding how many BTC WikiLeaks has managed to collect over the years. The origin of a considerable part of this sum of BTC could be donations from people who wish to support WikiLeaks in revealing government secrets. In 2016, the total value of all donations received by WikiLeaks amounted to USD 22 million. After the arrest of Julian Assange, the founder of the organization, within just a few weeks nearly $ 30,000 were donated to the defense fund. It remains unknown if the company is still in a possession of a significant part of the aforementioned 46 million dollars. When taking into consideration the nature of WikiLeaks, it seems possible that there have been significant outflows on legal fees. Part of the money was surely absorbed by the process of revealing secret government information. What is more, WikiLeaks could have transferred some funds it received to unknown wallets. Considering that the BTC price is to reach the level varying from 28,000 USD to 55.000 USD by 2020, the organization is supposed to earn quite a fortune.

WikiLeaks and Bitcoin

WikiLeaks is said to have created its first BTC wallet in mid-June 2011, becoming one of the first users. The organization, though, could start using BTC much earlier. Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown creator of Bitcoin, sai at the Bitcointalk forum at the end of 2010:
I am appealing to WikiLeaks so that they would not try to use Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a small beta community, still in its infancy. You would not even get a pocket change, and all the fuss you would have caused could destroy us.
Fortunately, Julian Assange obeyed Nakamoto's words and did not transfer the attention of the government from WikiLeaks to the then fledgling Bitcoin.