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Disneyworld of NFTs is what the virtual economy seeks to achieve

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Infinite universe of zombie NFTs called Zoombies created by Cardinal Entertainment best describes as “Adult Disneyland”.

Zoombies NFT

Increasingly, the population today has grown up as digital citizens, familiarizing themselves from a young age with the wonder of computer entertainment. For children, this is perhaps online games, for teens, virtual social interaction, and, for adults, a combination of both work and entertainment. Despite that, social interaction has proven to be the most successful form of online entertainment, allowing gamers to experience gaming on a deeper level.

The difference between real and virtual has become increasingly blurred as a result of tokenization and its resulting nonfungible tokens. Records, and other assets that people value in the real world can now be viewed, recorded, and even produced digitally. For this reason, one-of-a-kind assets gain a greater value, and digital worlds become more enticing.

As part of their mission, Cardinal Entertainment has created an infinite universe of zombie NFTs called Zoombies. Zombie NFTs can be collected as valuable assets in the same way as standard NFTs, but offer the extra possibility of interacting with what might be best described as an “Adult Disneyland”. Zoombies NFT and ZOOM tokens have proven successful since their launch in September. They are both rated as top 2 tokens on Moonriver and have maintained their position since then.

Comparatively to current gameplay opportunities, Zoombies NFTs can facilitate micro experiences by representing “service centers,” which represent different areas of gameplay. The combination of holding Zoombies NFTs and the ZOOM token provides players with the opportunity to experience an immersive social and economic gaming experience.

The upcoming of social and economic gameplay

A blockchain-based ERC-721 NFT collectible card game on the Moonriver blockchain, Zoombies will revolutionize the future of gaming. The Moonbeam Foundation, one of Zoombies’ partner projects, represents a promising development in the blockchain space. It has developed a blockchain that is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs) that is built on Kusama. The scenario can be compared to if Bitcoin (BTC) were the bank and Ethereum (ETH) was the Walmart, and Kusama (Polkadot) was the mall, which would share its infrastructure for underlying stores.

Zoombies are the essence of the Zoom economy, in which players will be exposed to real costs and a great potential for earnings while participating in a fun game. Depending on the type of service center, users may encounter different rules or interfaces, as Zoombies NFTs will be up and running on Kusama Moonriver on Sept. 1, 2021.

As of today, the minting application is live, serving as the first step in a series of future developments. Within the application, users can mint NFTS tokens and burn ZOOM tokens using an in-app wager-style system. The project team has since shared plans regarding the possibility of relaying tokens across multiple chains, including Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX), and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), in order to create an extensive collection of superset gameplay with cross-chain economics.

Extra insights to Zombies NFT

Cardinal Entertainment has announced that Zoombies NFT Market will launch in Q4 of 2021 and Zoombies NFT Garden within a year. The latter is a targeted NFT auction customized specifically for the Zoom economy. Zombie Pets, another virtual pet game by Cardinal Entertainment, takes Zoombie plants from an animated stage to a real-time clock that allows them to earn in-game resources.

Among the upcoming developments for 2022 will be a Zoombies battle arena and a trading system to manage collections.

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