DeFi is still growing - which projects are they running?

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The locked-in value in decentralized finance (DeFi) has recently come close to $ 8 billion. Which projects are currently the most popular among investors?

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DeFi grows stronger

Projects in the decentralized finance sector are gaining momentum. At the beginning of June this year, the value blocked in them was only one billion dollars, today it is over 7 times higher. According to data provided by DeFi Pluse, it amounts to $ 7.83 billion.

Which projects are on the podium? Aave ranks first with $ 1.67 billion stuck. Maker is close behind (1.47 billion USD blocked), while Curve Finance is third (1.16 billion USD blocked).

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By the way, it is worth mentioning the fourth-place project - yearn finance. Although the value locked in it is $ 879.1 million in terms of the unit price per coin, the YFI token even surpassed Bitcoin itself in this respect! We informed about this event yesterday, when it reached a new ATH of USD 38,683.51 - a better result than the previous BTC price peak.

The number of DeFi users is growing

As it turns out, the volume of trade on decentralized exchanges increased by 142% over the last 30 days. The Uniswap platform has dominated this field - 60% of the global DEX turnover belongs to it.

The number of new DeFi users is constantly expanding. Since the beginning of this month, there has been an increase of approximately 32%. This shows us that decentralized finance is still in the spotlight.