Current Bitcoin price is around USD 9,500. Whales accumulate BTC

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The current Bitcoin price will again be above USD 9,500. With the latest report included, since January, despite sharp price changes, the number of customers with more than 1,000 BTC has been growing steadily.

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Current situation on the BTC chart

During yesterday's session there were quite big price fluctuations on the Bitcoin market. To remind, this degrading value near $ 9,000 - losing over $ 500 in value.

A few hours later, an equally large reflection was included. The BTC has risen over USD 9,500 - regaining lost value. As a result, yesterday's session was closed with a small positive price change - it amounted to 0.69%.

As for the emotions that currently prevail on the market of the most popular cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin community is within the reach of various feelings of anxiety. Greed and fear remains on relatively high level showing fear on market.

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The number of Bitcoin whales is constantly growing

From the latest report published by Glassnode (a platform dealing with analyzing data on blockchain), it was taken into account that the number of entities with more than 1,000 BTC includes almost consistently since the beginning of the year. These statistics were not shaken even by market volatility. Could whales accumulate this cryptocurrency? It looks.

As it turns out, in this respect it is approaching the levels from 2017 - then the Bitcoin rate reached its ATH - the highest value equal to about USD 20,000.

The strength of big players

Despite the fact that there are powerful investors, they do not move their Bitcoins with their wallets, even when there is a collapse, expectations for the success of this cryptocurrency in the future, there are also those who manipulate the market.

For example, yesterday one of the whales liquidated a position worth 30 million dollars on the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange. This movement caused panic among other investors. The effect on the Bitcoin chart saw significant decreases.

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