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Brave introduces crypto wallets for browsers to combat fake extensions

Snigdha Maria
Brian Bondi, chief technology officer and co-founder of Brave recently introduced crypto wallet a replacement of Brave's MetaMask.

Nansen will bring crypto intelligence tools to Solana early next year

Snigdha Maria
Nansen is planning on releasing Solano's alpha trading addresses by the first half of next year.
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Calibra Wallet Changes its Name to Novi

Calibra's Facebook digital wallet was rebranded and renamed to Novi. The company also shared new information about the project.
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Bitcoins from 2009 moved. Is it Stoshi Nakamoto?

Bitcoins were transferred from a wallet that might have belonged to Satoshi Nakamoto. The market automatically reacted to this message by fear.
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5 Ideas for Safe Crypto Wallets

Joanna Kiełb
Cryptocurrency wallets are used to store, send and receive digital currencies. The safest solution is to have a hardware wallet - if you own larger amounts of assets you should store them here. However, many mobile wallets also have a high level of security and provide users with additional options. Below there are five wallets that are worth being considered.

Encrypto - a Swiss Bitcoin Watch

Marzena Karpiak
A popular Swiss watchmaker, Franck Muller, has established a cooperation with an alternative investment firm - Regal Assets.  The joint activities aim to result in the first functional bitcoin watch, called Encrypto.