Cryptocurrency prices: Bitcoin (BTC) returns over 7 000 USD. Stellar (XLM) leads the increases.

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After a strong decline caused by chaos on crude oil markets, Bitcoin (BTC) breakes the 7 000 USD barrier again. Its price increased by 4% during yesterday’s session. Altcoins seem to follow its path, but Stellar stands out strongly - XLM increased its price by 13% during one session.

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Bitcoin price above 7 1000 USD

According to CoinMarketCap’s data, Bitcoin started yesterday’s session on 6879 USD, and closed at 7 117 USD. It means 238 USD change, and increase of 3,5%.

Currently, Bitcoin price is 7 101 USD. After an 2,3% increase from yesterday, further changes are blocked by 50-period moving average. On the weekly basis, BTC increased its price by 3,8%.

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According to filbfilb analyst, the longer the coin stays above 6 800 USD, the lesser chance of it decreases. The key, resistance point to break is now 7 200 USD.

Another analyst - Josh Rager - said, that it all depends on situation on other markets that Bitcoin might be in correlation. As long as S&P 500 index does not note decline, the coin should remain over 6 000 USD.

Gabor Gurbacs is also staying positive about current situation. He emphasised, that in the face of crisis, Bitcoin seem to have more sense than other markets do. 

Altcoin prices: Stellar, Tezos and Cardano leading the way

Overall market capitalization has risen by 3,6% from yesterday’s session, and it is currently 205 million USD. Most of altcoins noted a slight price increase in the day-range.

The one, and strong leader is Stellar (XLM). Its price increased by 12,7% in past 24 hours. It also noted its highest price in over a month. Tezos (XTZ) and Cardano (ADA) seem to follow its path along with Ethereum (ETH).

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