GoStats introduces Bitcoin cashback rewards card in India

Bitcoin (BTC) rewards company GoStats recently introduced a new cashback rewards card for customers in India mostly giving out a platform for wider mainstream adoption of digital assets in the world’s second-most heavily populated country.

Venmo helps users to buy crypto and get ‘cash back’

Venmo a pay-pal owned payment firm has now introduced a new crypto ‘cash back’ attribute which has zero transactions on crypto purchases. Based on an announcement made on August. 10, Venmo’s new ‘cash back to crypto’ feature went live yesterday it lets credit card customers to spend their cashback rewards on digital assets held on the platform.

Does ATM makes buying BTC easier?

Bitcoin ATMs are capable to make the process easier in the mainstream level and unbanked to access crypto but the real question is whether it will affect the hamper adoption.

Female driven brands accept crypto payments driving adoption

Are the beauty brands going to drive female adoption by accepting cryptocurrency payments and is there even a demand to pay with crypto other than stacking stats? Even though Bitcoin (BTC) is mentioned as a store value for many, many customers from across the globe might be thinking otherwise.
bitcoin euro

France Succesfully Tested Digital Euro

Many central banks around the world are considering their own digital currencies to start competing with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Some countries have speeded up their work on this technology after Facebook announced its plans for the global digital currency Libra in June 2019, but only a few have taken real steps in this direction, while France has just successfully tested its CBDC central bank currency, the digital euro.
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Shopify Accept Crypto Payments Now!

Shopify - Canadian e-commerce giant, which offer to easy create own online shop will accept crypto payments because it has signed a contract with the company that offers crypto payment processor - CoinPayments
New Zealand Regards Cryptocurrency Salaries As Legal

New Zealand Regards Cryptocurrency Salaries As Legal

Marzena Karpiak
New Zealand officially declared income in cryptocurrencies as legal. The country introduced a formula on how to tax this income as well.
tokeneo, kryptowaluty, Asus gamerzy mogą kopać krypto, kiedy nie grają w gry

Cryptocurrencies in the Gaming Industry

Joanna Kiełb
Most of us do not realize what a great impact computer games can have on various sectors of the economy, including finances. Is there a real chance that soon we will be using cryptocurrencies for in-game payments?
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5 Ideas for Safe Crypto Wallets

Joanna Kiełb
Cryptocurrency wallets are used to store, send and receive digital currencies. The safest solution is to have a hardware wallet - if you own larger amounts of assets you should store them here. However, many mobile wallets also have a high level of security and provide users with additional options. Below there are five wallets that are worth being considered.
Crypterium First cryptocurrency card in the world

Crypterium: First cryptocurrency card in the world

Agata Hofman
Crypterium, a cryptocurrency payment company has sent about 4,000 cryptographic debit cards. This high interest is reflected by the demand for cryptocurrencies in regions where proven payment solutions are lacking.