Another Debate on Cryptocurrencies in the U.S. Senate

Joanna Kiełb
At the end of July, another debate on cryptocurrencies and blockchain will take place in the U.S. Senate.
Bitcoin Guarantees Security During Turbulent Times

New Regulations Concerning Cryptocurrency Ban In India

Marzena Karpiak
The Inter-ministerial Committee (IMC), established to examine Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulations in India, states that the government should put a complete ban on cryptocurrencies.
Binance straciło 40 milionów USD podczas ataku hakerskiego

Do Binance Transactions Impact the Rise of Bitcoin's Price?

Joanna Kiełb
After a short drop in the price of Bitcoin below $10,000, the value goes up again. This may be the result of mass transactions carried out at Binance.
Phil Konieczny: "To szczyt kanału spadkowego BTC" [ANALIZA]

Daily Trading Volume of Bitcoin has Exceeded $3 Billion

Joanna Kiełb
Bitcoin's average transaction volume exceeded $3 billion during one day. The value increased by more than 200% in comparison to April this year.
Facebook Tries to Save Libra's Reputation

Libra Means More Corporate Power

Marzena Karpiak
On Tuesday, July 16, a Senate Banking Committee meeting was held regarding the Facebook cryptocurrency project, Libra. The session was attended, among others, by a co-founder of Libra and by Senators of the Republican and Democratic Party.

JP Morgan is looking for blockchain experts

Agata Hofman
JP Morgan Chase's approach to Bitcoin is changing. At the moment, the company admits to looking for experts, to continue their blockchain development.
Accodring to The British Bitcoin has no Intrinsic Value

Max Keiser: Bankers Know They Will Not Stop Bitcoin

Joanna Kiełb
The American presenter of the Russia Today station, Max Keiser, expressed a very critical opinion on the banking sector in a response to one of the TV discussions.