Cryptocurrency airdrop - what is it? Can you get free cryptocurrencies?

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Cryptocurrency airdrop - have you heard about it? Are you wondering, if there are free cryptocurrencies existing, and where to collect them? You have come to right place! We will go through cryptocurrency airdrops topic and explain what are them, and how do they work.

cryptocurrency airdrops for free coins

Free cryptocurrencies - is it real?

Are there any free cryptocurrencies we can collect? The ones, that can be collected without any own contribution or as a gift? Of course! In this particular case, everything comes to marketing. Users tend to do few tasks, in order to collect some of cryptocurrencies as a reward. It can be either a register to projects platform, sharing content on social medias or taking part in competitions

free coins airdrop

But the most important thing is, that user does not pay real money for them. So it means that you do not have to pay for cryptocurrencies - you just complete some tasks in order to get rewarded with them. So we can generally say, that there are free cryptocurrencies, but you have to spend your time to get earn them.

Cryptocurrency airdrop - does it have a growth potential?

We cannot assume that every cryptocurrency we earn will become second Bitcoin in future. Project from that industry vary from each other in many other ways. Consequently, the popularity and usability wins in this field. Only the cryptocurrencies, that can offer any benefits are useful and can succeed, the ones without any inner value will remain useless, despite increased marketing.

What are the examples we can show? For instance, Ethereum (ETH). The second largest cryptocurrency in the world, right after Bitcoin. Ether is famous of being part of the Ethereum system, which is not only a cryptocurrency - Ethereum is a blockchain, that enables users to build decentralized applications and conclude intelligent contract. It also provides tokens emission (which are for example used in ICO projects). There are many more pros that ETH has, and it is the reason why it is so popular.

airdrops for bitcoin

Each cryptocurrency should possess a thing, that will attract a user and encourage him to stay with the project. Projects without any specific utilities, or those, that copy solutions from other projects have zero chances to survive on cryptocurrency market. It can be referenced to brands (for example clothing companies) and their fakes. Even though, there are people that will buy them, there is a group that will notice the differences in terms of projects quality.

Free cryptocurrencies - examples

Where to look for cryptocurrency airdrop? This is a question that comes to mind right after you hear about free cryptocurrencies and airdrop term. Sometimes, a certain pool of cryptocurrencies is a surprise for people, who already own some projects coin. This is what Waves once did, along with few brands from cryptocurrency industry. Users could see that the amount of cryptocurrencies they own suddenly increased.

Cryptocurrency airdrops are more likely announced by the companies running them. By that, they can attract new users and increase the number of members taking part in project. The “free cryptocurrencies” announcement is often a news that is spread very quickly. There is no wonder why - we all love gifts, and everything, that we can obtain for free.

One of the latest examples of cryptocurrency airdrops can be the one from Trust Wallet. By completing the tasks assigned by this project, user can get 100 TWT tokens. In addition, everyone who will recommend the project with a referral and obtain a new user for project, will be granted with 100 additional tokens. 

Are airdrops safe?

There are many scammers on market in these days. There is no different in cryptocurrency industry. Scammers often use inexperienced users unawareness. Taking part in airdrops is most likely safe, but you should always pay attention and be careful. 

are airdrops safe

It is worth mentioning about the cryptocurrency extortion method that occurs lately very often. Users are asked by frauders to transfer a small amount of BTC or ETH in order to receive more cryptocurrencies. Everything that is based on such method is a scam. The person will not only lose his cryptocurrencies, but the chances of finding the scammer are equal to zero.

Remember, not to give your wallet private key to anyone. Such situations also have place, when scammer asks for you private key in order to manage your cryptocurrencies, and send you some. You should also know, that when it comes to claiming rewards from the airdrop, you must own a cryptocurrency wallet.

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