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Aave (AAVE)

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Exchange rate Aave:

1 198.17zł


Market capitalization

15686552487 PLN

Volume (24h)

707499094 PLN

Supply in circulation

13218448 AAVE

All-Time High

2 443.48 zł

All-Time Low

100.30 zł

Popularity by CMC

The current rate Aave AAVE is $1 198.17. In the last 24 hours, the price of Aave increased by 1.48% and the 24-hour volume of this cryptocurrency is $707 499 094.00. The cryptocurrency in the last 24 hours recorded the highest price at the $0.00, while its lowest was $0.00. The highest Aave price in the last 7 days was $1 196.47, and the lowest price was $1 155.00. Exchange rate Aave in the last 30 days increased by 1.31%.
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0.18% 1.48% 4.49% 1.28% 1.31% 778.01%
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Exchange rate Aave on the largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

Updated at: 2021-09-03 22:28:54


Exchange rate: 349.91 EUR
Exchange rate: 332.8 EUR
Exchange rate: 334.69 EUR
Exchange rate: 335.54 EUR


Exchange rate: 1511.43 PLN


Exchange rate: 399.2 USDT
Exchange rate: 395.44 USDT
Exchange rate: 394.82 USDT
Exchange rate: 394.5 USDT
Exchange rate: 394.68 USDT


Exchange rate: 394.86 USD
Exchange rate: 397.27 USD
Exchange rate: 395.73 USD
Exchange rate: 396.33 USD

What is AAVE?

AVAVE, a protocol based on Ethereum. It is, of course, characterized by systemic decentralization, which is an indispensable element. Thanks to AAVE it is possible to make "loans", as well as the possibility of additional earnings on the virtual currency.

As already mentioned, cryptocurrency allows borrowing and here it is necessary to explain the operation of AAVE, the basis of which is the deposit by entities of virtual currency from the lending pools. This all leads to earning nothing but interest.

Fun fact: The AAVE project appeared in 2017 and was called ETHLend. The functionality was based on the ICO, which received funding of approximately $ 600,000.

How does AAVE ensure the privacy of its users?

AAVE allows lenders liquidity by depositing cryptocurrencies in a pool of smart contracts and thus it is possible to borrow from the same savings agreement. The funds collected earlier provide certainty of the functioning of the system and the borrowed amounts, and are a guarantee of security.

AAVE protocol

It should be indicated that the AAVE protocol controls LEND tokens. First, the protocols are run by decentralized management in connection with the DAOStack-based chain, and all this is turned into an independent protocol. The specificity of the operation is a binding vote, where there is a necessity to execute due to the constant coding.

In connection with the above-mentioned operation, the protocol has the possibility to change and create a loan section, where it is possible to create your own "pool". Moreover, AAVE will be managed in 2 stages:

  1. By voting on protocol management, through which decisions on protocol parameters will be made along with updating smart contracts, these activities are compared to the way MakerDAO is managed, where voting takes place.
  2. There is a pool management activity where votes are counted according to the pool's liquidity share. They are related to parameters such as an asset used in savings or loans. In this scheme, the pool will have its own protocol management capability.

The basis for the loans is the Lending Pool Core contract, which includes several elements, including has a reserve of deposited assets. The contract makes calculations and transfers the data to the Loan Pool. How does the contract work in detail? First of all, it calculates the user's Ether equivalents, including loan balances, collaterals, and liquidity to assess how much the entity is able to borrow.

The LendingPoll contract works through both the Lending Pool Core and the Lending Pool Data Provider, which create an interaction through several actions that can be defined in seven steps:

  • Deposit
  • Use
  • Loans
  • Pay off
  • Exchange rate
  • Liquidation
  • Instant loan

LendingPool - how does it work?

The first essential function is the implementation of loan tokenization. At the time of payment of cash to the reserve, the entity will receive the appropriate value of tokens that will map the liquidity and accrued interest of the underlying asset. The value of tokens increases when they are not liquidated, and whenever the entity wants to take advantage of a loan, the files are used for security - they are blocked and cannot be transported.

How do I earn from AAVE?

Thanks to the AAVE platform, it is possible to borrow in the Ether (ETH) or AAVE cryptocurrency. It is worth pointing out that specific conditions have been defined that will entitle us to take advantage of the loan option. In order to earn, however, we focus on interest, which is to constitute a potential salary, for this purpose it is necessary to acquire portfolios.

Advantages and disadvantages of the AAVE cryptocurrency

Due to the fact that the loans with credit protocols received an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license from the FCA (United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority), the market increased on August 27, 2020 by up to 30%! Therefore, the main advantage is its authenticity and confirmation by such important institutions, which for some users may be a confirmation of its truthfulness. What's more, AAVE also seems to be able to add extended functionality at any time, when the entities issued the majority of opposing votes.

One of the disadvantages, however, is that it depends on users who actually hollow out its future by making certain changes to the system.

AAVE and Bitcoin - basic differences

AAVE vs Bitcoin – basic differences



Bitcoin (BTC)

Year created



Market cap


21 000 000 BTC




How much does AAVE cost? On which exchanges is it listed?

The AAVE rate on November 1 is approximately PLN 116 with a 24-hour trading volume of PLN 274,163,562. According to the analysis, the maximum amount of cryptocurrencies is 16,000,000, of which over 11,000,000 are in circulation. As will be indicated below, the possibility. The purchase of cryptocurrency is possible, among others by Binance, where it can certainly be considered one of the most active markets to trade with AAVE.

Cryptocurrency exchanges for AAVE

Crypto-crypto exchanges

Trading on them takes place only through cryptocurrencies

  • Huobi Global

  • MXC

Fiat-crypto exchanges

They are traded both through cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies

  • Binance

Cryptocurrency wallets for AAVE - which one to choose?

AAVE seems to be a forward-looking project, and its implementation and sharing on more and more cryptocurrency exchanges confirms it. Confidence in AAVE and awareness of the cryptocurrency is increasing, so further expansion of its call options is anticipated. Below we present the wallets that will be suitable for the virtual currency in question.

Cryptocurrency wallets for AAVE

Cold wallets 

Hardware wallets for AAVE

They come in physical form. They are not free, therefore they may not be suitable for a novice user due to the relatively high price. It is worth getting only the originals, it is worth buying them from the manufacturer himself - to make sure that they are free from malware.

  • Ledger

Hot wallets

Desktop wallets for AAVE

Exodus is available on several software: Windows, MacOS and Linux. However, it is worth mentioning that it will not always be possible to use a given wallet on all browsers. Hardware wallets are free.

  • Exodus

Browser wallets for AAVE

Browser wallets are free websites where you can register and then log in with your login and password.

  • MyEtherWallet

  • MetaMask

  • Coinbase Wallet

Mobile wallets for AAVE

Mobile wallets are phone applications that allow you to view our cryptocurrency stock wherever there is the internet. They are usually free. Trust Wallet primarily supports tokens based on Ethereum and provides its users with a private capital key based on virtual currencies. Mostly, these wallets are available for both Android and iOS.

  • Trust Wallet

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The new DEFI platform enters the market! Earn passively - token sale 0.25 $

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