What is a cryptocurrency mixer and how does it work?

Haider Malvi
It is important to understand how Cryptocurrency mixer works and how it is used in practice so here is a detailed description of all the things you should know about cryptocurrency mixers.

As per reports, Coinbase said close to a deal to acquire the owner of Brazil's largest crypto exchange

Divya Khurana
According to the local newspaper Estado, an agreement could be unveiled by the end of April.

Rio de Janeiro to adopt Bitcoin for real estate taxes from 2023

Divya Khurana
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao declared the opening of a new office in the Brazilian city in favour of Mayor Eduardo Paes' cause, noting, He's done his part. We are working on ours.”

Coinbase to need receiver details for crypto transfers from users in Canada, Singapore and Japan

Divya Khurana
Beginning in early April, users in these nations who send crypto outside of their Coinbase accounts must submit the names and addresses of the receivers.

LG Electronics expands into blockchain and crypto

Haider Malvi
 South Korean tech giant LG Electronics has announced plans to incorporate cryptocurrency and blockchain into its business development.

Ukraine establishes 'NFT Museum' for fundraising and commemorate

Divya Khurana
The first release from the MetaHistory NFT Museum could emerge as early as Tuesday

BTC bonds will not be issued by El Salvador until September: Report

Haider Malvi
Besides delaying the issuance of Bitcoin bonds, the Salvadoran government has also slowed down the buying of Bitcoins.

In 2022, to be official sponsor of FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Divya Khurana though crypto trading has been mainly unlawful in Qatar since 2018, is expected to reach out to a wider international audience because of soccer's global popularity.

Naomi Osaka, tennis player, joins FTX crypto exchange as ambassador

Divya Khurana
Naomi Osaka is promoting the crypto exchange with seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and NBA star Stephen Curry.

Malaysian official calls for the legalization of crypto and NFTs

Haider Malvi
In the past, Malaysia's finance minister warned that crypto payments were illegal since they did not meet money's universal characteristics.

El Salvador appears to postpone the release of 'volcano bonds'

Divya Khurana
The government has frequently stated that the launch will take place by March 20, but it seems that it will not happen.

The digital dollar idea from Biden is a good thing for Indian cryptocurrency investors

Haider Malvi
Within a month of the announcement of India's Union Budget 2022 about the arrival of a digital rupee, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order establishing a national policy for digital assets and a digital dollar.

Ukraine's leading savings bank suspends Bitcoin purchases in hryvnia

Divya Khurana
Even after Ukraine's advances in crypto legislation, locals are reportedly not able to purchase Bitcoin using their PrivatBank bank accounts.

As per a survey, blockchain gamers consider NFT games as a viable full-time job

Divya Khurana
"Many are ready to quit their other jobs to play NFT games instead," said the CEO of NFT gaming platform Balthazar.

An Internet Computer founder's $250 million plan to end the Ukraine war

Haider Malvi
Williams' proposal hopes to use blockchain technology to counter propaganda and to motivate Russians to get informed on what's going on in Ukraine via cryptocurrency rewards.

Artifact Labs is a new firm spun off from SCMP's NFT operations

Haider Malvi
In its last auction, the newspaper raised $127,000 by selling NFTs of its historical front pages

FCA releases closure order for Bitcoin ATMs

Divya Khurana
The UK's financial authority has directed that all non-registered ATMs be shut down straightaway or risk unspecified further penalties.

Bitcoin downtrend continues, Russia-Ukraine war affecting the market?

Haider Malvi
Over the past 48 hours, BTC has fallen 6%, while ETH has dropped 3% and STX has rallied 20%

Executive Order on Cryptocurrency Issued by Biden

Haider Malvi
On Wednesday, the U.S. president signed a first-of-its-kind executive order on digital currencies that instructs federal agencies to coordinate their efforts

Dubai develops a digital asset regulator and introduces new crypto law

Divya Khurana
With the exclusion of the Dubai International Financial Centre, the Sheikh stated the regulator will have power throughout Dubai's special development zones and free regions.

Janet Yellen reveals details of Biden's exec order on crypto

Divya Khurana
The Treasury Department's declaration was posted a day earlier and has now been withdrawn from the site, but not earlier the details of Secretary Yellen's reply to President Biden's upcoming order were disclosed.

Treasury to develop a crypto-investment financial training program

Divya Khurana
According to Treasury officials, more knowledge and insight about crypto asset investing "would be helpful."

Chinese officials seize illicit crypto mining operations and capture 190 miners

Divya Khurana
The Development and Reform Commission of Guangdong province seized 190 crypto mining devices worth a total of 5 million yuan.

Ukraine uses crypto to purchase bulletproof jackets and night-vision eyewear

Divya Khurana
According to the Ukrainian government, some of Ukraine's military providers have crypto accounts.

Visa and Mastercard unite PayPal in halting services in Russia

Divya Khurana
The payment processors revealed the decision on Saturday, citing Russia's incursion of Ukraine as the cause.

US Senate authorizes Virginia banks to provide crypto custody services

Divya Khurana
Delegate Christopher T. Head presented the bill (House Bill No. 263) in January 2022, seeking an amendment that would allow authorized institutions to provide cryptocurrency custody services.

Nomura, a Japanese wealth manager, to analyze crypto and NFTs through new section

Divya Khurana
As part of the reform, the company announced the creation of a new Digital Company, which will start functioning in April.

Ukraine DAO collects nearly $6 million through sale of NFTs to help Ukrainians

Divya Khurana
A week into the Russia-Ukraine war, the Ukraine DAO team declared that their efforts will be directed toward a local NGO called Come Back Alive.

Grayscale products received $250 million share buyout from DCG

Divya Khurana
The focus of the share repurchase plan is Grayscale's Litecoin, Zcash, and Horizon investment products.

Uniswap develops an interface to convert cryptocurrencies into ETH donations for Ukraine

Divya Khurana
"We built this interface so anyone who wants to donate but holds other ERC-20 tokens can do so with one click," stated the Uniswap team.
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