Holding company for NFT raises $50M in Series A funding

Haider Malvi
NFTs played a major role in crypto and blockchain's mainstream success in 2021.

Samsung Smart TV will use NFT platform

Haider Malvi
The Samsung smart TVs of the future will have a built-in platform for browsing, buying, and selling NFTs.

Bitcoin holdings spiked in 2021?

Haider Malvi
Bitcoin volume held by private corporations increased markedly in 2021, building on the increases from the previous year.

Metaverse is included in Shanghai's development plan

Haider Malvi
Metaverse technology will be used in public services, businesses, entertainment, and manufacturing in Shanghai's five year plan.

Fidelity customers are most interested in trading Argo Blockchain

Haider Malvi
A report released on Thursday said Argo Blockchain ranked third among the top five stocks most actively traded by Fidelity’s customers in 2021

Biggest drop in NFT sales in 2021

Snigdha Maria
Here is the list of the largest hit of NFT sales that took place in the year 2021.

Several Chinese companies are engaged in a Metaverse trademark race

Haider Malvi
More than a thousand Chinese companies have applied for thousands of metaverse-related trademarks inspite of strict warning from People’s Bank of China (PBOC).

Adidas Earns $23 Million from its first Ethereum NFT Drop

Haider Malvi
Sportwear giant Adidas made $23.4 million off its “Into the Metaverse” NFT launch on Saturday.

Wall Street advisor liontree Leads to explore Crypto payments

Haider Malvi
LionTree, a popular financial advisor and investment banking firm, is exploring the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment system. 

Harvard, Oxford universities form EduDAO to facilitate Web 3.0 innovation, venture financed by BitDAO treasury.

Haider Malvi
Researchers, Educators, and Entrepreneurs from top universities around the world will be benefitting from EduDAO funds to research, educate, and promote Web 3.0 technologies.

Nike acquires RTFKT and joins the metaverse game

Haider Malvi
Nike’s purchase of RTFKT further solidifies the company’s commitment to its role as a contributor to the virtual world called the metaverse.

Bank of Russia Ban mutual funds from investing in Bitcoin

Haider Malvi
Russian central bank continues to impose strict policies regarding cryptocurrencies, effectively banning Mutual funds investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC). 

Virtue Gaming introduces Crypto model for play-to-earn poker in the USA

Haider Malvi
Virtue Gaming, a provider of a decentralized online poker platform built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, launched the first pay-to-play digital poker casino in the United States this Friday.

Ava Labs is among startups selected for Mastercard's Crypto Accelerator.

Haider Malvi
MasterCard a payment giant has teamed up with five startups to tackle global Blockchain-related challenges, official announcement made on Thursday. 

The French and Swiss Central Banks announced the success of their digital trials of the euro and franc

Haider Malvi
Project JURA, an experimental technology was explored that consisted of a peer-to-peer network of computers (Corda) that validated transactions following all legal government norms.

Chainlink Labs has recruited former Google CEO as a strategic advisor

Haider Malvi
Chainlink announced on Tuesday that Eric Schmidt (Google former CEO) will direct the firm’s scaling strategy, particularly in its use of Oracle networks for smart contracts.

In six crypto index projects, Enso mounted a “vampire attack”

Haider Malvi
Enso Finance, a Metaverse-based social trading platform, has announced that it plans to launch its platform on Dec. 9 by running a “vampire attack” on six major crypto index projects.

New cryptography library is being launched by Coinbase called Kryptology

Haider Malvi
Cryptocurrency company Coinbase has announced the creation of an algorithmic library called Kryptology that will serve as a set of tools for blockchain developers.

Saxo Bank predicts NFT music platform will disrupt Spotify by 2022

Haider Malvi
NFT-based music streaming projects are expected to launch in 2022 , Including Audius a blockchain music platform supported by Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and The Chainsmokers.

Introducing Adidas' NFT partnerships entering Metaverse

Haider Malvi
"We’re ready to enter a world of limitless possibilities,” said the team behind the world-renowned sports clothing line (Adidas).

Wear and Earn NFTs to acquire Billion-dollar Fashion industry

Haider Malvi
Fashion design is evolving to become virtual wearables that can be used both in augmented reality (AR) and in real life as the world moves from the physical to digital 
Transaction fee.jpg

Over 50% of Bitcoin transaction fees have reduced in 2021

Haider Malvi
Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees have dropped from $4.40 to $1.80 this year, a 57.97% decrease, What can be several factors leading to this result let's see

Eruption of COVID-19 Variant leads to spike of Omicron token by 900%

Haider Malvi
Omicron’s OMIC token hit an all-time high of $689, Mr. Whale cryptocurrency critic, commented the large price boost indicates that things are in a “giant bubble.”
Zoombies NFT

Disneyworld of NFTs is what the virtual economy seeks to achieve

Haider Malvi
Infinite universe of zombie NFTs called Zoombies created by Cardinal Entertainment best describes as “Adult Disneyland”.

Dutch multinational ING may enter DeFi loan market

Haider Malvi
"We are looking into peer-to-peer lending in a DeFi kind of setup. But then not on Bitcoins. What is interesting to us is how you can probably create peer-to-peer lending" says Annerie Vreugdenhi chief innovation officer of ING.

Taproot, the long-awaited Bitcoin upgrade, is activated

Snigdha Maria
Taproot, the long-anticipated Bitcoin upgrade has been operated with latest features on Sunday 14th, November.

With crypto bulls and bears galore, who should you trust?

Snigdha Maria
Bitcoin price were recently released and the price was higher than expected, economists seems to be  concerned about the sudden rise and the uncertainties that the future holds.  
Elon Musk

Elon Musk shows how crypto trading can ruin a stock market weekend

Snigdha Maria
Elon Musk recently stated how crypto trading is harming stock market weekend.

This cryptocurrency wallet is designed to provide secure and easy access to the crypto world

Snigdha Maria
Bitcoin (BTC) was the first cryptocurrency to emerge in 2009. By offering a tight monetary policy combined with “dissatisfaction” and a thorough openness, Bitcoin introduces an alternative financial system by choice – where economic freedom wins.

Over-the-counter crypto businesses are flooding Hong Kong, but regulations could affect their presence

Snigdha Maria
Hong Kong, one of the most important and prominent financial centers in the world, has played an important role in the development of cryptocurrencies.
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