Cryptocurrencies As an Essential Point For Sports Betting Companies

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E-sport is enjoying a significant popularity growth and people are more and more eager to watch players equipped with controllers. How to make this sector even more attractive? Cryptography comes handy!


The perfect place for cryptocurrency

E-sport is a completely new phenomenon which is being driven by technology. A group of renown stakeholders say that this sector has overtaken various traditional sports in terms of betting services. Unikrn, a dedicated betting site dedicated to esports, has implemented cryptocurrency support to its offer. E-sports fans can purchase Unicoin on the Unikrn platform. They can also obtain free currency by linking their Steam and Riot accounts and by playing games. With the assistance of the Ethereum blockchain, the platform can process up to 9,000 bets per second in a safe and reliable way.


"Traditional bets are great, but the possibility of implementing blockchain is a convenience not only for the customers but also for us and for regulators. It allows us to get a new dimension in functionality."

- says Ryan Jurado, the head of Unikrn's global communications.


Faster, easier and more anonymous

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain gain recognition for many reasons. Firstly, because of its easy operation and speed. They reduce the long waiting time that many users have to endure while making deposits and withdrawals.

What is more, the use of cryptography is more economic because it does not charge the transaction or translation fees. The solution is also a cheaper alternative for sports betting companies as they can transfer saved funds to customers in the form of more attractive rates or bonuses.

Finally, cryptocurrencies are decentralized and anonymous, which is another splendid news for the stakeholders. It is very easy for virtual coins to cross international borders, allowing people to bet with any stakeholder, from anywhere in the world, in a smooth way. They do not require entering credit card details or any other data in online forms, which eliminates the risk of identity theft.


Market wealth

Cryptography and competitive games are among the most exciting technological advances of recent times. The popularity of e-sport has a tendency to increase with time, as it appeals to young users growing up surrounded by technology. There is a possibility that in the future, sports such as horse racing or golf will no longer be popular as a consequence of the decline of the group of those sports' fans. Fans like that will be replaced by a new generation of fans who will be more prone to identify themselves with technologies. Along with the popularity of e-sport, however, the popularity of betting will grow. And there is no doubt, that the cryptocurrencies will be the main source of fuel for that grow.