Crypterium: First cryptocurrency card in the world

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Crypterium First cryptocurrency card in the world

Crypterium, a cryptocurrency payment company has sent about 4,000 cryptographic debit cards. This high interest is reflected by the demand for cryptocurrencies in regions where proven payment solutions are lacking.

Demand for Crypterium

According to Business Wire, Crypterium Card is the first global cryptocurrency card. On June 12th, the company started distributing prepaid cards. They are loaded with the main cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, as well as the company's token - CRPT Crypterium. In the first week after the introduction of the solution, 3,736 cards were delivered to around 70 countries. The company explains this dynamic demand with an increase in BTC prices. Cardholders can withdraw their cryptocurrencies from 2 million ATMs around the world. The card also allows online or "in person" payments.

Many countries, many reasons

Most card orders come from the United States. In this region, the majority of residents have access to mobile phones and a stable internet connection. Digital services enjoy high interest there as another innovation and amenity. The company also recorded a significant demand in the Asia-Pacific region. The card is gaining popularity, mainly in countries with an unstable economy, financial system and weak local currency. In these regions, cryptocurrencies help overcome difficult economic conditions by offering alternative methods of asset storage and instant money transfers without incurring high costs.
The requirement of having a stable debit card that provides holders with an equal payment status for cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies stands in line with the dynamically growing demand for the Crypterium card.
Explains Steven Parker, Crypterium's CEO.