Craig Wright continues the battle with Kleiman

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The court in Florida decided, that Craig Wright must give back the Bitcoins he has illegally taken over from his deceased business partner. The self-appointed BTC creator does not give up.

Kleiman vs. Wright case

The case concerns the property of Dave Kleiman, who died in April 2013. Craig Wright claims that Kleiman was involved in the first launch of Bitcoin. They were supposed to share the assets extracted, i.e. 1.1 million Bitcoins per person. It's the equivalent of nearly $9 billion.

Craig Wright appropriated Kleiman's 1.1 million BTC because the latter renunciated his rights to the mined coins before his death. Nevertheless, Kleiman's brother, Ira, sued Wright in court for this action, and the court granted his request. Wright had supposedly forged documents intended to support his position. However, this is not a final judgment - the sentence, in this case, must be issued by the District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

The battle continues

Craig Wright has requested that the sentence be adjourned due to the impending hurricane Dorian. On August 30, his lawyers sent a statement to the court:

Dorian will probably hit Florida early next week. Mr Wright and his attorney need time to wait it out and therefore cannot see to the judgement's case.

Ira Kleiman did not contest this statement, and Judge Beth Bloom, who was to issue the final verdict, agreed to extend the waiting time. The court sentence is, therefore, to be delivered on September 24. Perhaps Wright can find credible evidence in this case.