Craig Wright: Satoshi Nakamoto Plagiarised Me

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During this year's London's conference concerning blockchain and AI, Craig Wright accused Satoshi Nakamoto of plagiarizing his work. As an Australian IT specialist and entrepreneur claims, the author of the Bitcoin White Paper was the one who stole his work.


Lost in his own lies

Craig Wright is known to the cryptocurrency community as the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto. An Australian computer scientist has constantly insisted that he is the person who created Bitcoin. Naturally, almost no one believed him, as he was unable to provide any specific evidence that coudl confirm his belief. Interestingly, however, he has recently lost himself in his lies. During one of the discussion panels, Craig Wright announced that he would soon prove his version to be true. The essay which he wrote in 2008, should be an ace up his sleeve. 

The entrepreneur forgot himself, though, and accused Satoshi Nakamoto of plagiarising the work, which he allegedly developed a year before the creation of Bitcoin. After a while, he realized that what he said contradicted his earlier statements, and he quickly added that either he was the real creator of Bitcoin or that the man who created it copied paragraphs from his own work. Craig Wright has stated that people can choose between these two versions and he doesn't care if anyone likes it or not.


Craig Wright and his vivid imagination

The fact that the Australian IT specialist has repeatedly claimed that the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto refers to the partnership between him and his deceased business partner, Dave Kleiman, should be highlighted. It was after Kleiman's death that Craig Wright began to announce that he was the creator of Bitcoin, becoming one of the most controversial people in the cryptocurrency world.

It is worth remembering, that in 2015 thge self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto committed a fraud in his biography. On his Linkedln profile, he posted the information about two doctoral theses. The truth quickly came to light, obviously, because Forbes became interested in the case at the time. The magazine contacted Charles Sturt University and it turned out that Craig Wright had three master's degrees, but he has not been awarded a doctorate yet. It is true that he obtained this diploma at this particular university, but in 2017. All of these lies made his character unreliable, and he is the object of frequent mocking.