Coreto - An Educational ICO Platform

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In the age of high mobility and unlimited access to the Internet, online education seems to be an idea with high potential. Coreto, a new cryptocurrency platform, is currently being created - its aim is to provide education connected to investment decisions.

Lack of trust in ICO

Very often we hear that activities related to cryptocurrencies have a high economic value, and this is true - at least as long as the user has sufficient knowledge regarding the cryptocurrency financial system. New users believe in the potential and transparency of cryptographic operations, but even then they have to face many obstacles. Websites with ICO rankings tend to mention only those projects which sponsor them - consequently, investors put their capital into unprofitable ventures. In addition, most of the new projects disappear due to improper marketing methods. Projects that cannot reach investors in a short time are unlikely to even enter the stock market.

Coreto for investors

Coreto has developed a unique project that aims to prevent investors' mistakes and allow users without sufficient financial knowledge to find successful projects in a convenient way. The system analyzes all projects by the use of artificial intelligence and carries out a risk assessment. In the next stages, investors choose the most suitable project for themselves. In addition, the platform also provides investors with a useful graphical overview of the development status of each project. The design is clear, transparent and, more importantly, easy to use.
Coreto for projects
Coreto platform also supports project teams by providing direct and centralized access to influencers, reviewers and investors. It allows you to put projects on a trusted ICO auction site, run marketing activities and answer investors' questions. Thanks to this model, a clear environment will be created in the cryptographic market, which will increase trust when it comes to projects. Currently, Coreto is still in development, but perhaps this solution will be the future of projects based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.