Coinbase Will Notify You About Price Changes

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Coinbase rozwiąże problemy zarządzania blockchain?

Coinbase mobile app introduces push notifications informing about price changes in the cryptocurrencies they support.

Changes in the application

Currently, Coinbase supports 22 cryptocurrencies. In the new version of the application, it will automatically notify the user about any changes in the prices of coins. This is undoubtedly a convenient solution, as the user does not have to visit the website each time to check the latest listings. The ultimate goal is to provide notifications about all cryptocurrencies in the world, not just those available on Coinbase. Certainly, the time that each client will spend on using the exchange application will also increase - everything will be available in one place, there will be no need to search for information at several sources.
Customers sent us requests for changes such as notifications about prices in real time. It was uncomfortable for them to browse several websites or applications to obtain information.
- stated one of the representatives of the exchange in an interview with CoinDesk.

Possible consequences

It is worth to mention that the change in the application has purely informational purposes. It will only notify about cryptocurrency prices and won't persuade customers to trade them in any way. The exchange also highlights this fact on its blog which informs about the changes which are to be introduced. Nevertheless, notifications can bring quite different results. If users see sudden changes in the prices on the cryptocurrency market they can encourage them to make important decisions on a whim.