Cleveland Cavaliers In Cooperation With UnitedCoin

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Cleveland Cavaliers In Cooperation With UnitedCoin

On July 15, the NBA team, Cleveland Cavaliers, posted on the official NBA website a statement in which the team informed about establishing a cooperation with UnitedCoin.

Cooperation for development

The cooperation is supposed to be raising awareness about cryptocurrencies in the sports environment. Not only the basketball players, but also a related e-sport team from Cleveland, Cavs Legion SC, is part of the project. The sports industry is definitely more and more boldly involved in the cryptocurrency market and is starting to see various benefits coming from it.
Decentralized technology is constantly evolving, and it is commonly known how important it is for us to move with the times. We try to come up with a plan on how to use it so that it could have a good impact on our fans community and on the business affairs that we are responsible for.
- said Nic Barlage, Cavaliers president of business operations, in a statement.


It is certainly a promotion for UnitedCoin as well. The aim of the cooperation is to make profits from the fintech sector thanks to cryptocurrencies. The company logo will appear during the NBA 2k League games in which the Legion SC team is present. The logo will also be present in the social media of the Cleveland band. Barlage continues:
We are happy to cooperate with UnitedCoin. It is a company with ambitions to create innovative technologies. We can help each other, but above all, we can implement blockchain into the lives of our supporters.
Derek Jones, the head of UnitedCoin, also regards the cooperation as valuable because thanks to it fans will learn how beneficial cryptocurrencies can be.