Chainlink (LINK) price is constantly rising upwards!

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Although in recent days the prices of most of the leading cryptocurrencies were in stagnation, Chainlink astonished everyone, reaching successive peaks.


Chainlink on 6th CMC position

Yesterday's session was quite positive for the LINK token. It turns out that it established a new ATH on its chart - the highest price level. At its peak, it reached $14.37 per coin.

Currently, the Chainlink project is on the 6th position of CoinMarketCap with a capitalization of nearly 48 billion dollars. The current price of the LINK token is about 13.64 USD. The change in price in the 24-hour range is 7.75%.

One of this year's biggest win

Chainlink is one of the projects that have brought considerable profits to its investors at the turn of the last months. Comparing the price of the LINK token from the beginning of January (1.78 USD per coin) to the current one (14.37 USD per coin), we see that the price change is as much as 707%.

In addition to the increase in the value of the Chainlink, another key indicator should be noted. According to the blockchain analysis company Santiment, it is not only the LINK token price that has established the new ATH, but it has also reached the highest level in terms of the number of active addresses per day.

Currently, it is the most popular resource for santiment feed. It is unknown when this impressive run will end for Chainlink holders.

- The company emphasized on Twitter.

What is behind the success of this project?

Certainly the fact that Chainlink is the main supplier of Oracles used in the rapidly growing sector of decentralized finance (DeFi). In short, this solution is responsible for providing the external data that is necessary to trigger a smart contract, under predefined conditions.