Canadian University Offers a Blockchain Course

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The University of British Columbia announced the launch of blockchain training courses for the students of graduate studies.

Aims of the course

This initiative aims to help students in acquiring knowledge in the field. In addition, it can assist the whole country in the development of the blockchain industry, which becomes more popular nowadays, and continue the research on this technology. The course itself is to address four specific areas of life: health, environment protection, technology and issues of indigenous people. The university hopes that in 6 years 139 students will participate in the course. Graduates of this course will have the skills and tools required to implement blockchain solutions, as well as knowledge on determining the demand for technology.
We are proud of being able to be part of this joint venture, which is the first of its kind in Canada. We offer an interdisciplinary blockchain course for students who will become the next generation of innovators. This cooperation will allow us to develop knowledge and increase the number of experts among scientists. In terms of health care, blockchain can gain considerable value.
- said Uli Brödl, vice-president of the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, which is one of the leading partners in the project.

Cryptocurrencies at the university

Students of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver have founded a Bitcoin club as far back as in 2014. It focuses not only on education but also on the implementation of cryptocurrency payments at the university and the creation of good conditions for Bitcoin's development among the student community. According to the club's description, its aim is to create an environment in which ideas, programs and events associated with Bitcoin can be examined and developed.