Can you buy Coca-Cola for Bitcoin? It is possible!

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As it turns out, consumers from New Zealand and Australia will be able to purchase drinks in the Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) vending machine network for Bitcoins (BTC)!

coca cola paid by bitcoin

Coca-Cola for BTC!

According to a press release issued by Centrapay - a company providing payment applications, the inhabitants of New Zealand and Australia will soon be able to buy drinks from vending machines for Bitcoins! All this thanks to the cooperation established with Coca-Cola Amatil. As it turns out, this network is one of the largest beverage distributors in those areas: it serves 270 brands and has over 270 million consumers.

At Centrapay, we're working to create a future where people control their own data and digital identity. Brands can connect directly and ethically with people, enabling them to make the right buying decision, while supporting retailers and other distribution partners.

- underlined.

Everything should be simple and intuitive

Consumers using Coca-Cola Amatil vending machines can easily make payments in cryptocurrency. All they have to do is use a special wallet called Sylio and then use the QR code. One close-up is enough for the transaction to succeed.

sylio wallet app

Centrapay's CEO, Jerome Faury, emphasized that his company solves the problem in the form of complexity of processes and barriers in the adoption of technology, through a tool that does not require complicated knowledge from the user.

Restriction of physical contact

Among other benefits, Centrapay lists the reduced risk of contracting COVID-19. Digital transactions mean that consumers do not have to touch the machine.

An additional benefit is the reduction of physical contact and solving hygiene problems.

- we read in the press release.

As it turns out Australia and New Zealand are just the first stops. Centrapay strives to develop its operations around the world. Jerome Faury boasted, among other things, a well-established position in North America, and also assured that the company he leads in the future will also be directed to the American market.