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Bring Bollywood to life with the mass public launch of NFT. into the blockchain

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The Indian film industry, also known as Bollywood, is probably the largest entertainment industry outside of Hollywood. Films are more than the sum of their parts, and anyone who has investigated them can testify that they are passed on from generation to generation.


The Indian film industry, also known as Bollywood, is probably the largest entertainment industry outside of Hollywood. He is known all over the world for his talent, which he shows regularly. Even though most of their films and shows are in their native language, there is so much interest in them that people all over the world are still excited to watch them. It's one of those things that overcomes the odds just because it's so good. For many, art is more than just a popular hobby, it is a religion to which they are completely dedicated. Nowhere is this more visible than in the film industry. Actors put their whole being to give an amazing show. Producers work with screenwriters to create on-screen magic, and makeup artists work to bring your favourite characters to life.

Films are more than the sum of their parts, and anyone who has investigated them can testify that they are passed on from generation to generation. Another new development that may go beyond this generation is blockchain and the indispensable token or NFT. NFTs are digital assets that truly reflect something in the real world, e.g., B. art, music, in-game merchandise, or movies. By definition, non-comparable means its uniqueness. These tokens are unique and some can fetch very high prices due to their popularity. NFTs are different from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), but are made similar to blockchain, serving as a tool for everyone. They were first developed in 2013, although they have only recently gained popularity.

Bolly Heroes is a large-scale project that builds on a parallel Bollyverse, starting with 250 NFT carefully prepared Legends and 10,000 NFT program-generated Heroes. As a new concept, it aims to bring together the world of blockchain and film to create a product that is greater than the sum of its parts. These NFT owners enjoy a share of future product sales revenue, free and exclusive discounts on new NFTs, real celebrity artists and many other services for NFT owners. It's not just JPEGs, but the company plans to launch a number of new products every month that will reward their first users to own a Legend and Hero NFT. They also dialogue with real celebrities to issue their NFT called Celeb NFT.

Bollywood is even more popular, and merging the two can be quite successful, provided it is done right, given that fans, not profit, are at the center. To this end, the project includes three classes of NFT, which are offered for purchase depending on your taste. Bolly Heroes will have NFT legends, heroes and celebrities, and the last of the three will bring in celebrities from across Bollywood to sign. Bollywood's popularity, not only in India but worldwide, has the potential to make it worth thousands of dollars. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet on the blockchain for millions of dollars. Since the film still has sentimental value to society, the future of this project could be very bright. Currently, NFT Legends has gained a lot of power and will be available for public sale on September 30th starting at 16:00 SGT.

This NFT is not the only one being developed. Bolly Heroes also aims to create a completely parallel Bollywood on the blockchain - a virtual movie city. Starting with products like Bolly Comics in November, followed by Bolly DAO and Bolly Games with Polygon Studios, an animated series with one of India's largest paper boat studios, created by NFT characters led by community-led stories. Apart from that, the company has a solid grocery store opening roadmap, real-world partnerships, exclusive collector's auctions and many, many other things planned with a project clearly aimed at reinstalling the Indian entertainment industry. The project is currently preparing its partnership in the community and involving celebrities prior to its public presentation.

 If the project stays true to its community-oriented intentions, it can attract a large number of supporters. A new digital era seems to be emerging not only in Bollywood but also in the Indian blockchain industry. Parallel worlds created in collaboration with real partners such as production companies, brands, celebrities, music labels, game studios and animation companies. Your story, your wearers and your stars through your NFT Legends & Heroes. Influencers, crypto enthusiasts, and now celebrities, including Bollywood stars and cricketers in India, seem to be lining up to create and sell irreplaceable tokens (NFTs).

On August 30th, Amitabh Bachchan became one of the first Bollywood stars to join the NFT craze. His NFT, which includes Sholai's signature poster and a poem narrated by him, will be hosted on a platform called BeyondLife.Club this November. TV presenter and actor Vishaal Malhotra partnered with artist Ishita Banerjee in July to launch NFT on the global Foundation platform. However, you are not alone. According to Toshendra Sharma, founder of NFTically, a software service as a service (SAAS) for the NFT market, interest in Bollywood is growing with Bachchan's involvement.

Although Sharma did not reveal the names of the people he spoke to, he said he had received inquiries from musicians, screenwriters, directors, actors and others in the Indian film industry. Cricket players also showed interest. Two NFT platforms for cricket have been announced in India in the last two months. Self-developed digital collectibles platform Rario announced last month that it had teamed up with cricketers Zaheer Khan and South Africa's Faf Du Plesis for the platform. Singapore-based blockchain platform Cricket Foundation also announced an NFT platform for cricket earlier this month. He is supported by cricketers like VVS Laxman, Parthiv Patel, Wasim Akram, RP Singh, Piyush Chawla, Deep Dasgupta, Pragyan Ojha, Lance Klusener and others. The platform uses Zebi's home blockchain company platform to manage their marketplace.

NFTs are digital tokens similar to cryptocurrencies except that they are "irreplaceable", meaning that one NFT on the blockchain cannot replace another. As a result, someone who buys an NFT can sell it to someone else or replace it with another NFT, but the blockchain platform will always reveal the name of the creator and subsequent owner. This process helps artists sell digital goods one time and earn commissions on subsequent sales. For example, you can simply "copy" digital art, but not replace your fingerprint on the blockchain and thus make it clear that it is not the original. While the technology is primarily used to sell digital art, music, and video through auctions, Sharma found that celebrity involvement would open new avenues. Most celebrities want to use NFT to gain fans, perhaps around one of their films, he said. For example, a celebrity can make tickets for their NFT film and reward the best entrants not only with tickets but also with face-to-face meetings or physical posters, etc. The bidding process itself helps generate fan engagement.

Vishakha Singh, Vice President of NFT Markets, hosted by India's leading crypto exchange WazirX, confirmed that the platform is working with well-known musicians like Ritviz and Nucleya. "In our previous experience, community engagement is key to revenue. Bollywood and sports stars rely heavily on their managers and social media teams to join their communities due to lack of time. We work with celebrities in Bollywood, but not with celebrities in the traditional sense," he added. “The influx of celebrities creates mass awareness. So far, social media influencers are attracted to the NFT space from a pure PR perspective,” said Singh of WazirX, adding that few now understand the possibilities this technology offers. “A thriving crypto community and use of crypto will help politicians make rules around crypto. “Celebrity involvement does not necessarily help 'future regulation', but it can underscore the importance of accelerating the regulatory process,” he added.

 NFT Sharma announced NFT along with Zee Studios, and the CEO said the fact that a public company was interested in the space also helped convince celebrities. However, crypto experts, including WazirX's Singh, agree that celebrities venturing into space do not necessarily increase sales. However, it will help the market mature and attract bigger ticket investors. For example, the most expensive NFT ever sold on the WazirX market cost around Rs 5.3 paint while global NFT sales rose to millions of dollars. According to a report by blockchain data platform India ranks second in the world in terms of adopting crypto, ahead of countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and China, and after Vietnam. The company surveyed 47,000 users worldwide and 30% of respondents in India said they own cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash are the most popular cryptocurrencies in the country.

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