Blockchain vs. fake news: New York Times' new idea

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According to many experts, blockchain can facilitate many areas of everyday life. The New York Times decided to use it to fight fake news.

Fake news

As you know, fake news has been a threat for many years, especially for international security. Too often, gossip is spreading, which, recognized as true information, can lead to conflicts in various backgrounds. The role of the so-called "online trolls" is also increasing. It's people who often use ordinary pictures, usually authentic, but they give completely different information than they would under normal conditions.
Recipients of the information are cheated, and in the end, they become tired and indifferent to the news.
- describes the current situation Provenance Project, the website responsible for the New York Times idea.

How to fight it?

Currently, the registration and sharing of metadata of all pictures and films published by information services by blockchain, are being worked on. By the end of the year, the UX (User Experience) research phase will also take place to help users recognize the real information. The key channels are - of course - social media, discussion forums and Internet search engines. The New York Times plans to publish the latest project updates regularly and a full report at the end of the project. All blockchains offer systems for spreading information between information services, to exactly determine the origin of digital files.