Indian securities Watchdog to introduce system for handling financial instruments

Divya Khurana
Within the first quarter of next year, India's securities authority intends to rely heavily on distributed ledger technology for the monitoring and recording of financial instruments.

TikTok partners with crypto backed music streaming platform Audius

Music-sharing protocol Audius recently became one of the first streaming platforms to become partners with TikTok, letting users to directly share tracks to the infamous app. 

Crypto developers lead Twitter’s decentralized social media idea

Jay Graber a former software engineer for Zcash and Blockchain firm Skuchain is going to handle the most-awaited decentralized social media step first declared by Twitter in 2019.

How do chatbots help in the crypto world?

We're used to interacting with popular digital assistants, such as voice assistants from Apple, Google and Amazon. But how applicable is this in financial settlements with chatbots on social networks? Are users ready to share their bank card details with an unfamiliar robot?

Digital asset exchange Blocktrade ends $25M investment round

Luxembourg-based Blocktrade has turned out to be the latest cryptocurrency exchange to achieve a huge support from venture capitalists, offering more proof that digital asset start-ups are turning out to be a major target for investment funds.

Gajesh Naik the 13-year-old handling millions of dollars in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has reached heights and is taking over the world every person is now interested in learning and investing in crypto and Gajesh Naik is one of them. This 13-year-old boy has created his own cryptocurrency managing ecosystem called polyGaj. Gajesh is a class 8 student at People’s high School in Panaji.

Decentralized and centralized finance collaboration

Decentralized finance or DeFi has reached a point where they have confirmed their capabilities on disrupting traditional systems. Even though DeFi usually keep going against the traditional finance, the centralized operators are looking for ways to estimate the already established system.

Web 3.0 token to be the next big thing?

As Bitcoin (BTC, +3.42%) prices are in the middle of a month-long holding system. There are a few cryptocurrency traders who seem to be confused about the future of cryptocurrency and what new thing might be coming for them.

Regulatory clarity for crypto demands 3 to 5 years

Sam Bankman-fried DEO of FTX is looking forward for the government to have a much stronger stand in the upcoming three to five years and he also expects do be a part of the discussion with the regulators “to build out this regime.”

The involvement of cross-chain liquidity aggregation and the future of DeFi

There have been doubts regarding what will make the lives of DeFi users easier and remove any sort of obstacles for the entry of newer market participants? This project considers the future of DeFi as multichain co-existence.

Charity and trying to be good

Blockchain technology is not going to magically make online donations easier, it is trying to make the road towards more interesting new forms of charity fundraising.

Blockchain upsetting music industry

Blockchain technology is surmounting the peak of the music industry with moving the power from intermediaries back to artists. Blockchain technology consists the power to increase financial insertion and change the lives of many around the world, mostly in up-and-coming economies where it’s needed the most.

Blockchain accountability gives farmers a more competitive edge

Traceability is the important aspect which is capable of providing help for small-scale farmers achieve huge profit, but is Blockchain solutions enough to catch on in developing countries?

Blockchain getting in the way of higher education today, global labor market tomorrow

Blockchain is doing its role in the education sector, record-keeping in 2-3 years and the later adopt in the labor market? During the post-pandemic every person would require to seize ownership and control of their educational credentials, documents such as degrees and transcripts from schools, universities and governments.

Big four planning on becoming crypto and blockchain auditors

Professional companies like the Big For are creating something new in the blockchain and crypto space. But is this enough? Blockchain technology after it took over cryptocurrencies has started to gain incentive. The whole enterprise blockchain market is supposed to reach $21 billion over the next five years.

The process to achieve decentralized stablecoin

The cryptocurrency industry is on a quest to make a completely authentic algorithmic stablecoin work. To know what this process is all you have to do is look at the U.S dollar. According to Lisa Jy Tan, founder of Economics Design, a crypto-economics research company the dollar used to be a stablecoin tied to gold and that worked on a good level while the greenback was establishing itself as an asset.

Is Blockchain capable of damaging higher education?

Blockchain is trying to play its part in education sector by record-keeping for 2-3 years and later on planning to be adopted by Labor market. Before the pandemic hit our lives, people had the right to seize ownership and were able to control their educational credentials with holding documents like degrees and transcripts from schools, universities and governments.
woman cryptocurrency blockchain

Unifinity: Empowering Woman Globally this June 18-20 ,2021

The event has speakers from categories such as- Business, Media, Investment and Finance, Healthcare and Wellness, Blockchain and Technology.
cargo ship blockchain

Alibaba Signed Blockchain-based Deal with Biggest Chinese Port Operator

The e-commerce giant Alibaba has partnered with China's largest port operator to strengthen the adoption of blockchain in the logistics industry.
sberbank russia

Russian Bank Sberbank launches blockchain based touchless ATMs

According to local news agency Izvestia The Russian state-owned bank Sberbank is introducing non-contact ATMs in Russia using blockchain technology. The aim is to improve security and reduce the spread of coronavirus. A pandemic has paved the way for contactless technology. From touchless travel, payments, touchless toilets to touchless ATMs introduced in the Russian market. Touchless solutions are becoming increasingly popular and are setting new prospects.
italy flag

Italian government will protect 'Made in Italy' products by Blockchain technology

Italy is one of the countries most affected by the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. It is slowly starting to recover the economy. Among the programmes aimed at improving the situation, there is a project to combat counterfeiting and its key aspect is the development and implementation blockchain technology.
blockchain campus south korea

South Korean University Announces Blockchain Campus

The University of Daegu has made an agreement with the Korean Artificial Intelligence Association to create a campus for people interested in blockchain technology.
mastercard joins ID2020

Mastercard joined Blockchain Alliance - ID2020

Mastercard, has joined the ID2020 Alliance, a global company whose main goal is to create a digital identity for every person in the world by 2030. According to the company this would improve quality of life.
blockchain china

Binance Come Back to China to promote Blockchain Technology

One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, is returning to the Chinese market after China introduced a ban on cryptocurrencies trading in 2017. However, Binance's target this time is returning to China for another purpose. The company will develop and promote blockchain technology.

An Asian Shipping Terminal Joins TradeLens

Marzena Karpiak
TradeLens is not slowing down as, some time ago, another large member joined the platform. In what way will blockchain technology help the platform solve the problems associated with the shipping industry?

Blockchain Tested On a UEFA 2020 Qualifying Match

Marzena Karpiak
During the qualifying match (between Estonia and the Netherlands) for the European Championships, the Royal Dutch Football Association tested a new solution based on blockchain technology. How was the experiment conducted?

Blockchain In Chinese Military. Why Is it Advised?

Marzena Karpiak
There is absolutely no doubt that blockchain technology has revolutionized a great number of industries. It turns out that it could support military troops as well. How? Here are some ideas:

What Might the Blockchain Offer While Going Beyond Bitcoin?

Marzena Karpiak
Experts present on the BlockShow Asia 2019 conference gave their opinions about blockchain, discussing what it represents and what advantages this technology might provide when it comes to national economies or corporations. Let's see what they had to say.

Blockchain In the Food Industry. What Might Go Wrong?

Marzena Karpiak
No one can deny that blockchain is a kind of technology that is at a premium. Its potential is used in a great number of industries. The food industry, which has recently developed transparency in food supply chains, is one of them.

China Regulates Cryptography. The New Law Comes Into Force In 2020.

Marzena Karpiak
On October 26, the Chinese Congress passed a cryptography law, which is supposed to come into force on the 1st of January, 2020. What changes in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology can we expect in this country?
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