Meta signs a deal for 3D ads in step toward the metaverse

Divya Khurana
Through a new deal with an eCommerce technology company, Meta Platforms Inc will make it simple for brands to display three-dimensional ads on its Facebook and Instagram social media platforms.

How NFTs develop a 'beautiful cycle' among artists and fans

Divya Khurana
At an Australia Blockchain Week event, panelists discussed how the NFT sector has evolved optimistically because of direct connections between artists and fans.

Malaysian official calls for the legalization of crypto and NFTs

Haider Malvi
In the past, Malaysia's finance minister warned that crypto payments were illegal since they did not meet money's universal characteristics.

Attempt to access client data hosted by Hubspot was confirmed by BlockFi

Haider Malvi
Hubspot, which is a third-party vendor for BlockFi, stored user data such as names, emails, and phone numbers, which has historically been used to conduct phishing attacks.

DAOs will never develop above their present state without the help of robots

Divya Khurana
Current DAO models would be free of human error thanks to artificial intelligence.

Qatar explores Digital Currencies and Digital Banks

Haider Malvi
In the near future, the central bank will specify its future focus, including various fintech verticals

Bitcoin Bonds In El Salvador May Be Delayed

Haider Malvi
It was previously suggested that the bond sale could come as soon as this week by the country's finance minister

An Internet Computer founder's $250 million plan to end the Ukraine war

Haider Malvi
Williams' proposal hopes to use blockchain technology to counter propaganda and to motivate Russians to get informed on what's going on in Ukraine via cryptocurrency rewards.

Security authority says Web3 will be vital for the future of China's internet

Divya Khurana
According to Yao Qian, Web3 will reform the Internet economy's organization structure and economic model, placing everyone on an equal level.

Artifact Labs is a new firm spun off from SCMP's NFT operations

Haider Malvi
In its last auction, the newspaper raised $127,000 by selling NFTs of its historical front pages

Diem group collect $200 million to develop a blockchain based on it

Divya Khurana
Aptos said, “Since departing Meta (formerly Facebook) we have been able to put our ideas into motion, ditch bureaucratic red tape, and build an entirely new network.”

Mark Zuckerberg reports Instagram will implement NFTs soon

Haider Malvi
"Our goal is to bring NFTs to Instagram in the near future," stated the Meta CEO, adding that NFT minting should be available within the next few months

After a decade LimeWire returns with an NFT marketplace

Divya Khurana
LimeWire's new owners intend to "make things right" with the NFT marketplace and intend to give music artists control over their work.

$124 million fraud allegedly committed by siblings of US

Haider Malvi
A brother and sister team will be charged with wire fraud, securities fraud, and conspiracy in connection with the Ormeus Coin ICO.

Treasury to develop a crypto-investment financial training program

Divya Khurana
According to Treasury officials, more knowledge and insight about crypto asset investing "would be helpful."

Hive Blockchain to extend mining activities with addition of new Intel ASIC chips

Divya Khurana
The Bitcoin mining firm is moving to Texas with new custom-built "greener" mining equipment using Intel Bonanza Mine chips.

Developer Andre Cronje retires, tossing thousands of tokens

Haider Malvi
Merccurial developer leaves DeFi development, causing investors to run for the exit

As per Google Trends, nobody talked about metaverse or NFTs in 2022

Divya Khurana
Since the beginning of the year, search interest in the main keywords "metaverse" and "NFT" has been declining. 

South Korea plans to fund $187 million in a metaverse project

Divya Khurana
The government will invest $186.7 million for the development of a metaverse platform in which it aims industries and companies will grow.

Mintable strives to repay NFTs stolen in OpenSea attack

Divya Khurana
To securely return the treasured assets, the NFT marketplace has initiated contact with a minimum of one of the accused victims.

Manchester City to develop Etihad Stadium in the Metaverse

Divya Khurana
The renowned soccer team has started the preliminary phases of establishing its legendary main stadium in the Metaverse, enabling fans to engage in live matches from all over the globe.

Intel introduces 2nd-generation Bonanza Mine chip for Bitcoin mining efficiency

Divya Khurana
In a regulated ecosystem, Intel's new chips are backed by an elevated miner that can provide up to 40 TH/s.

In 2022, DeFi may move to DAO governance to lessen legal threats

Divya Khurana
“If DeFi aims to reduce regulatory risk, the form of DeFi governance will gradually become a DAO,” KuCoin Labs states in its yearly report.

JP Morgan reveals study on quantum-resistant blockchain system

Divya Khurana
JPMorgan highlighted in its statement that "QKD is the only solution that has been mathematically proven to defend against a potential quantum computing-based attack."

Caution! New ventures portray as leading brands to attract crypto investors

Divya Khurana
Ventures striving to duplicate major brands like Tesla, Jurassic Park, Meta, and Animoca Brands are seeking to entice people to purchase their crypto tokens.

Opera browser to support emoji-based website address

Divya Khurana
The emoji-centric combination with Yat enables Opera users to register and use emoji URLs and personal domains.

UK tax officials seize the first NFT in VAT fraud investigation

Divya Khurana
Three people were arrested in association with suspected tax-dodging using dummy companies and fake identities, as per the tax authority.

Metaverse is growing, elevating real estate to a new height

Divya Khurana
Thanks to decentralized technologies, real estate may be eternally transformed. Digital real estate develops as the Metaverse expands.

OnlyFans gives NFT profile photo feature

Divya Khurana
Another social network strives to increase creator profits by incorporating NFT capabilities into its platform.

Religious activities relocate to the metaverse due to COVID-19 issues

Divya Khurana
The future of churchgoing, according to D.J. Soto, resides in the metaverse because "it reaches people who can't physically go to church."
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