Blockchain Industry Needs Humanists, Artists and Thinkers!

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Blockchain Industry Needs Humanists, Artists and Thinkers!

Although Blockchain technology is becoming more and more popular, not everyone can get the gist of it. How to simplify the way you talk about it so that an average person does not feel excluded?

Many leading organizations and companies from the logistic, financial and agricultural industries do research on conceptual proofs of the use of block networks. They expect that this technology will help them increase transparency, accountability as well as trust in the modern market. Many experts are of the opinion that some companies are trying to implement blockchain because it has become "fashionable".

Blockchain is a standard business solution

Not so long ago, the words of Stephen Williams, the author of the book "Blockchain: The Next Everything", were quoted on Tech Wire Asia. Williams said that one of the biggest challenges to face up to in order to speed up the adoption of new technologies is to create a good and simple product targeted at all users.
Nowadays, most applications are not only counterintuitive but also designed and created exclusively for engineers. Without ease of use, it will be difficult to convince the public to explore the world of blockchain...
- adds Williams. In his opinion, the solution to this problem is at hand. The blockchain industry needs humanists, artists and creative thinkers who will be able to participate in the user's "experience". Many things are complicated and hard to comprehend for a non-technical audience, and the vocabulary used by the cryptocurrency environment is quite sophisticated. For example, Williams says that problems start from the moment of choosing a digital wallet... A person who has nothing in common with this subject on a daily basis, has no idea which type to choose and which one will be the best for them. Moreover, some applications may be too complicated for an average person.
I think that human-oriented design, in which engineers build products wuth needs and behavior of the consumer in mind, is very important in the case of digital products. Unfortunately, most blockchain projects do not take this into account [...] We need all kinds of thinkers involved in space. For example, I am not a technologist, but I took responsibility for explaining chain blocks to a wide audience, using my artistic background and other skills that I had.
- claims Williams.

The way of talking about blockchain must be understandable!

This technology has really a lot of potential, and innovators can make it more accessible. Can we, therefore, simplify the way of talking about blockchain? Of course we can! According to Williams and other experts, the biggest challenge associated with the adoption of this technology is that the heads of companies are overwhelmed with technical requirements which, in turn, creates a kind of resistance. Blockchain will develop when discussions about it will be simplified. It requires the involvement of not only IT specialists and programmers, but also humanists, artists and thinkers who will be able to pass this knowledge on in a completely new, uncomplicated way.