Blockchain Industry Helps the Victims of the Coronavirus

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The CEO of Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange, Changpeng Zhao, has committed to give $1.5 million to people who fell victim of a dangerous virus which is currently spreading in China.

Blockchain companies engage in help

On the 25th of January, the CEO of Binance announced through his Twitter account that his company would provide RMB 10 million (USD 1.5 million), to help victims of the Coronavirus. He added as well that such an intention had not been announced by the Binance Foundation before because of the fact that there was simply no time for it.

Kryptal, another blockchain company, was also involved in the help by initiating a fundraising which was supposed to supply Wuhan with medical supplies. A public announcement shows that a blockchain-based donation system will also be created which will allow both greater transparency and efficiency.

Disastrous consequences of the Coronavirus

According to the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China's reports, the virus appeared for the first time in Wuhan, absorbing over 100 fatalities and causing acute pneumonia in over 3,000 patients. As it turns out, acute pneumonia has already been diagnosed in patients from four continents.

The World Health Organization has underlined that, currently, there is no cure for this disease. Moreover, in this particular case antibiotics are not effective and they can only be used at the time of bacterial complications.

The new variety of the Coronavirus that has appeared in China is said to be as deadly as the SARS epidemic of 2002-2003. The virus incubation period ranges from two to 14 days. This, in turn, means that at the initial stage of the disease the virus may be overlooked by medical services. People returning from countries in which the virus was noticed should pay attention to all symptoms suggesting an unusual cold, such as an increased body temperature or breathing problems.