Bitpay Donation for Amazon Rainforest got Blocked

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tokeneo, kryptowaluty,BitPay ofiarą ataku hakerskiego. Klienci stracili 100 BTC

For several days now there has been a state of emergency due to numerous fires in the Amazon rainforest. Any financial help, including cryptocurrencies, is worth its weight in gold.

Failed attempt to help

An unknown investor has attempted to make a $100,000 donation in South America through the BitPay platform. However, this transaction was rejected because a single payment limit was set lower than the donor assumed. The Amazon Watch organization, which is to receive a donation, made a statement regarding the issue on Twitter: It is important for Amazon Watch to contact the donor for help as soon as possible. An attempt to change the transfer limit is to require appropriate documentation and separate operations. BitPay spoke about the whole matter by responding on Twitter - the company declared that it will help as fast as possible and attempt to identify the donor:

Controversy around BitPay

The BitPay payment platform has been causing controversy in the cryptocurrency environment for some time. One of the causes was promoting Bitcoin Cash at the expense of Bitcoin, by eliminating transaction commissions when using BCH. When that situation surfaced many clients turned their backs on the company. In addition, even after BitPay declared that it will help Amazon rainforest, many people who oppose the company appeared immediately, moreover, they also advise Amazon Watch to work with another cryptocurrency payment platform.